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Your Hands, Your Preferences

wednesdays with wayne Jan 26, 2022

When I clasp my hands together, my left thumb just naturally lands on top. We each have preferences for what just "feels" right. 


Clasp your hands together. Note which thumb is on top and which pinky is on the bottom. It just feels right. Now, open your hands and close them together again with the opposite thumb on top and your other pinky on the bottom.


It feels just a little awkward, but it’s doable. 


You have preferences in what feels right, and those preferences carry over in how you operate in the world. For example, when looking at your future, you might think in terms of how amazing it will be. Or you might think in terms of the details about what’s needed in order to take yourself forward step-by-step. 


In my #1 Best Selling Book, The Significance Factor, I give you a quick assessment for whether you’re more Operational/Tactical or you’re more Strategic/Inspirational. You probably have an idea. The question is how you fill in your gaps.  


You have preferences. Are you open to feeling awkward and expanding your skills against what already feels right? It’s something to consider.


Close out your month strong.


= Wayne = 

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