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Ditch The New Year's Resolutions

wednesdays with wayne Jan 05, 2022

Hey! Where are you going this year? It’s 2022 and it’s time to set your GPS for the year. That is, you’ll want to adjust your thinking using a GPS mindset!


I use milestones like turning a calendar page not only to track progress, but to project it. 

And I do the reverse of that, as well. Specifically, I use milestones not only to project my goals and aspirations onto my calendar, but to track where I’ve been.


I use my birthday (it was in September) as my personal New Year. That said, I suppose I can’t help but to leverage the putting up of a new calendar as motivation to engage in a new reflection. Simply, what do I want to accomplish this year?


To make sure that resolutions don’t become vacant wishes, you need to be really, really specific about where you are heading and what you want. “I want to head west” is different from “I want to ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland.”  Being specific allows you to know how close you are to your actual goal. “I want more money” is an easy goal. Just don’t poo-poo finding a dime in the parking lot because you’re ten-cents wealthier than you were a minute ago. 


You could head in a general direction and not be happy with the outcome, or you could head in a specific direction and use feedback about your status to make sure you’re going to get there.


It’s what I call The GPS Mindset! 


Think about setting a travel course using your GPS.

  • You need to know where you are heading… specifically!
  • You need to know where you are… specifically!
  • You need to start moving – you need to take action and not wait for conditions to be “right” or to wait until you’re “ready” before you take your first step.
  • And, you need to listen to and respond to the solid feedback you get. Sometimes alternate routes will take you where you want to head.  
    • Pssssstttt – this is key. You don’t need to know every turn in the road before you get on your way. Roads will close and others will open. You just need to be clear about your intention to get there! 


Here’s the nugget: The GPS mindset is about not only knowing where you're headed, but knowing where you're starting. Then it’s about taking action... you’ve got to get moving to get feedback. Oh, and to reach your destination, you’ll need to keep going. 


2022 has A LOT of promise. 

What will you bring to it? How will you fill it?

Personally, I’ve got some pretty ambitious goals and clear intentions. Looking forward to what roads open for me as I set out on Journey ’22! 


Happy New Year!


= Wayne =

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