You "sell" what??

wednesdays with wayne May 03, 2017

My clients’ journeys are never straight forward.  Like so many of us, you think you want one thing and really need something you hadn’t even considered.  

The theme of the comments (and wonderful compliments) that have come my way centers on how authentically I’ve helped people to become.  And in today’s Wednesdays With Wayne, the question arises – how do you “sell” the outcome that you give to people?

“I’m more me!”

“I’m so much more free to be my authentic self!”

Most people believe that they’re already being themselves.  I mean, don’t you?  And yet, it’s not until we step into the challenges of discovery of our personal values and the courage to step up or step back, it’s not until you’re guided or shown how you can be different that you really let go of who you thought you were supposed to be.  It’s at that point, you are on the path to what I call a DynamicLeader®.

The problem I’ve encountered is that I don’t always know how to “sell” that.  

“Hey, have I got a program for you!  It’ll help you to become more authentic!”  Yeahhhhh…. No!  

The thing is, as you become more clear on your values and more solid in yourself, you grow.  As you realize how to become more vitally alive and truly find joy in life, you grow some more.  As you gain the confidence to step in instead of holding back or stepping back, you grow further.  As your day becomes more productive because you own it instead of it owning you, you grow significantly more.  And as you become a person of influence, someone who is looked up to and supported because you are modeling the values and mindset that others can believe in, you are challenged to live that way every day, and your growth continues.  What doesn’t belong falls away.  You live your life authentically and joyfully.  It becomes a life fulfilled.

What I offer to others is that - - - the path to living a life fulfilled with more joy, greater confidence, and boosted productivity.  

What do you offer?  How do you propose it to the people whom you serve?

I just got off the phone with a client who spoke with me about the concept of fairness – He treats people fairly, he treats his team fairly, and in return, he’d like to be treated fairly.  He’s a professional man whom people don’t usually relish the thought of going to see.  What he sells is helping people feel better and helping people feel like they’ve been treated fairly.   

So… what do you sell?
How do you sell it? 

It’s funny but all of this comes back to your personal values and the stuff that you’ll find in The Significance Factor.  Start with your Self and your personal values.  Then look at your Strategy and how you engage in the world.  From there you can look at Success and on that you can build further.  

Are you living the life that you want others to “buy?”  Can the people with whom you’re engaging (friends, family, clients, etc.) feel and see the congruence in your actions and offerings?  

So think about it again – You sell what…?

Check out the DynamicLeader® programs and really break through to your next level.  It’s in you.  Time to let it shine!

~ Dr P ~


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