YOU = One Sharp Sword

wednesdays with wayne Aug 21, 2019

At lunch with a Silicon Valley thought leader, we discussed what it takes to be deliberate in every aspect of your life.  We spoke for hours and an amazing analogy dropped onto the table:

One sharp sword is better than a thousand dull ones.

At the time, we were discussing how some people (myself included) hold onto things too long sometimes.  We hold on because we’re used to them being there. We hold on because they’re comfortable. We hold on because they might be useful someday.  We hold on because of what we put into getting them and so there must be value in there somewhere.

That nonsense relates to things, relationships, jobs, and habits.  

We hold onto things because when we acquired them, they had some value.  That perceived value was for the present or for “someday” when they might be useful.  

We hold onto relationships because of something that we saw and had.  And when two people, as individuals change and develop over time, sometimes you have to evaluate whether you’re on the same page still.

The same goes for jobs.  We wanted it to look a certain way.  We grow in our own way and sometimes the work we signed up for initially doesn’t allow for the growth we’ve had and the person we’ve become.  

We do things a certain way.  It’s comfortable. It worked when we were younger.  We’ve all seen people navigate the world the way they used to and it’s awkward now.  What was charming isn’t so much anymore. As with people, our culture has changed. If you don’t grow to match it, you’re going to feel like a misfit.  I watch this in exchanges in the workplace across generations. Communication styles are different. I watch this in families, especially those with aging parents and grandparents.  Habits and styles of engagement need to be adjusted to meet the other person. If you’re invested in the relationship, build a bridge.

And other habits… let’s look at eating for example.  What once seemed reasonable (eat everything in sight) doesn’t work anymore.  I mean it does and your body will respond as your closet works its magic to shrink your clothes.

Like a rusty toy that at some point represented joy from your childhood, it’s likely not bringing you the same emotion.  But you’ve kept it this long. You’ve held onto things, relationships, jobs, or habits this long… they might serve you some day.  They might remind you of something that you truly enjoyed. That’s likely broken thinking. The fact that you’ve invested emotional energy in holding onto them doesn’t match the current situation.

What’s needed, then, is clarity.  A clear, clean focus. If you were to approach the thing or situation as an outsider, what would you say about it?  Does it serve you? Might it if you really did invest more? Is it worth it to invest further? How do you measure that value (the return on investment)?  

It’s time to break free from broken, rusty, dull-sword thinking.  It’s time to clean up and let go. It’s time to gain real clarity and move forward.  With clarity, you’ll make room for what really matters, no longer holding onto what could matter.  

You don’t need to strike at everything all at once.  You don’t need A LOT of different areas of focus to have what you truly need.  

You need YOU: focused, clean, sharp, and ready.  

This starts by taking a step.  Letting go of one thing that used to serve you but no longer does.  This is how you become One Sharp Sword.  Step by step.  Focus doesn’t land on you.  You create it. Step by step.

Got it?  Yes, you do!

~ Dr P ~


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