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wednesdays with wayne Mar 22, 2017

Just as you watch a child move through stages of growth or watch people progress through a class, you can tell just how they’re growing based on the questions they pose.  You can actually see what kind of perspective a person has in his/her world by the questions they ask.  

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you get to explore your own growth and challenge your perspective.  Are you seeing enough?  Are you asking the right questions?  Have the questions you’re asking changed?

My clients show their maturation through the process of leadership in a variety of ways.  Over the course of weeks and in just a few months, my clients gain a new perspective about their lives.  In so growing, the nature of the questions they ask changes.

Maybe you have kids.  Maybe you’re around people who act like kids.  Maybe this is you.  Think about your current situation.  Whether you’re at work, at home, or just trying to figure out the next thing, take a moment to reflect on the questions that you’ve asked or even the ones you’ve been asked.

Now what would someone who has been through all of this ask?

Really, what would an experienced person ask?  Can you push yourself to ask a “skip-level” question?  Thinking at a different level WILL get you different results.

You MUST ask a different level of question of yourself AND of those around you.  Only in so doing can you continue your personal and professional development.  

As a leader, you need to stay ahead of those you’re leading.  So, what questions are you asking?  How can you ask differently?  

Keep making your magic!  I’ll see you here next week.

~ Dr P ~

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