You ARE The Champion

wednesdays with wayne May 31, 2023

You know that I’m cheering you on. We’re deep into this year and you’ve done so much already. Yes, yes, you still have a lot on your to-do list. You’re on a great trajectory with pretty darn good momentum.


Hiccups and setbacks are a part of the process. 


And besides my cheering you on, there’s one voice you need to listen to with great attention – Yours. Your voice and the whispers of desire that tell you what you really want. Listen to that voice. 


The voice of shame and doubt, that’s never your voice.

Think about it, when you hear phrases like “You can’t do that” or “you don’t deserve that, you haven’t earned it” or “who are you to think like that? you’re not good enough” – that voice is never yours. It’s one you integrated from a family member, teacher, clergy, or some other authority figure.


Your whispers and your desires, your focus and positive intent, that’s you.


And the best champion for you is YOU.





It’s your story. 

Give yourself the grace of knowing that you’re writing it now so it can play out this year, next year, three years out, or ten years out. 


What do YOU want for yourself?


What would you treasure?

What would you trade time for while investing of yourself to get?


Go on, Champion. It’s yours and it’s waiting for you. 


Helloooo new month! 

Let’s go!


Keep making your magic and see you here next week!


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~ 

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