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You Are Bigger Than This

wednesdays with wayne Mar 11, 2020

Your circumstances are a result of choices and chance.  Your current situation is a status in flux and you need to remember that no matter where you are in your life, you’re bigger than this.

You’re bigger than this!

You’re in a transition right now and you can aim for greater… if you choose.  And that’s the point. You get to choose to remember who you are.

You’re frustrated with something in your life.  Maybe it’s a lot of somethings. You’re not sure if you “should” feel what you’re feeling because you know that there are things in your life to be happy about, as well.  

Maybe part of the frustration is that you know that you’re bigger than your current situation and you feel stuck.  It’s normal. It’s healthy. Remember who you are. You’re bigger than any circumstance that is holding you back.  

And when you don’t feel held back and you feel like you’re in the flow and you’re on fire in the world, remember that you’re bigger than that, too!  

We’re in transition all of the time.

Look at your current circumstances.

Look at what brought you here.

Inventory the values you had that got you here.

If you’re not where you want to be, well… you know what’s next, right?  You can keep living the way you’ve been living, or you can actively step into ownership of different values.  That means taking different, decisive action.

Remember who you are.

You’re bigger than this.

Take an action step.


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~ Dr P ~


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