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You are a WHAT???

wednesdays with wayne Jan 22, 2020

An artist is someone who practices and produces art.

A dentist is someone who practices and produces great health around dentition.  

A strategist is someone who explores, practices, and produces strategy.


And to become an Excellencist means that you are practicing and becoming an expert in the art of excellence – 


The Art of Excellence


I came up with the term (and the website name) of Excellencist!

How cool is that?  


You choose to declare and call yourself an Excellencist!


There’s a difference between being perfect and excellent.  

On a recent call with one of my exclusive High Performance clients, he spoke with me about how upset he was that he’s been working so hard on getting things right and it doesn’t seem to be panning out the exact way he wanted.  He lamented that he didn’t feel excellent.

My coaching questions for him focused on two key areas:

  1. Is he working on being better than he has been?
  2. Does he filter out things in his life that no longer match his standard of what excellence means to him?

Yes, but…

I stopped him.  There’s no “but” here.  He’s better and better each day.  He recognizes and no longer tolerates that which doesn’t meet his new, higher standards.  

But he doesn’t feel like everything is perfect in his life/world.  


And that, my friends, is where we are.  WE ARE HUMAN.  

Look around.  What you are seeing IS perfect.  


If there were one single model of perfection, we’d all look alike and act alike and conform to a single standard of that perfection.  


Nature doesn’t have a perfect model and yet, nature really IS perfect!  Look at the fruit in your bowl on the counter. Look at the trees in your back yard.  Do they look alike? Even when grown together, they aren’t identical.


Don’t confuse perfection with excellence.


Holding yourself to high standards is excellence.

Doing your best is excellence.

Being better – whatever that means to you –  being better than you were is excellence.


And now it’s up to you:

Where have you let your standards for excellence slip?

Your work?

Your family?

Your health?

Your connection with others?

The people you allow into your circle?


Those are meant as prompts for you to decide to take action in your life.  Don’t pursue perfection.  That jams so many people up.  Pursue and live into excellence.  


Be that this week.  

Be a better human.  That, by the way, #StartsWithOne – you!

(Quick aside:  Get to the StartsWithOne website for a fun prompt every day for 21 days, you’ll love that)


Practice that.

Let me know what you think.

And I’ll see you here for more Wednesdays With Wayne next week!


~ Dr P ~


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