You and your refrigerator. A Christmas tale.

wednesdays with wayne Dec 25, 2019

It’s dark.  Your mind whirrs.  Your stomach growls.  You wander to the kitchen and find your way to the refrigerator.

You open the door and suddenly…

This is where this tale gets cool…  YOU ARE LIKE YOUR REFRIGERATOR. Want to know how?

Of course you do.

You find your way to the refrigerator, you pull open the door, and all of the darkness in the room rushes inside the ‘fridge.  

No, no… that’s not what happens at all.

You open your refrigerator and one light, one tiny bulb, illuminates the whole kitchen.  The light rushes out and everything seems almost too bright.

This week’s Wednesdays With Wayne falls during Hanukkah and on Christmas.  Use this as a reminder as you gather with family and friends from now into the New Year:  YOU carry the light. One tiny light. You shine it brightly and it floods over everything around it.  You do not let the darkness rush in. Your light-filled energy bathes others.

Remember that.

You’re going to feel holiday pressure.

You’re going to feel joy.  You’re going to feel disappointment.

And everyone you encounter today has something going on.  They each have their own stories that you don’t know about.  

Be the fridge light for them.  Show hope, optimism, and patience.

Be deliberately, actively, positively™ uplifting.  You, the fridge light bulb. Be that warming glow for others.  You… make the ripples.

You.  It all #StartsWithOne™

Be present.  The world needs your light right now.

Keep making your magic!

~ Dr P ~


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