Wishes, Resolutions, or Certainty

wednesdays with wayne Dec 26, 2018

This is the week of lie-preparation.
Good-bye 2018.  Boy oh boy, 2019 is going to be something.  This is the year that I…

What…?  What is 2019 the year that you do, become, or live into?

I call this the week of lie preparation.  We don’t mean to lie to ourselves. We just get used to it.  And then we get complacent.

Hey… it’s Wednesdays With Wayne and you’re here to snap out of it!  

You don’t get to wish that things get better.

Wishes aren’t resolutions.
Resolutions aren’t real until you make them real.

Please do yourself a favor.  Make them real.

What is this the year of?  

I always name my year.  For me, 2018 was the year of implementation.  And, while I learned a whole lot more (I always invest in my personal and professional development by joining masterminds, going to retreats, and seeking high-level mentorship), I got a ton done this year.  In doing so, I laid a great foundation for a super up-level in my life and in my ability to serve even more greatly. I’m very clear about where I’m heading this year. You are going to see A LOT more of me.  I have a name for 2019. I’m not going to share that publicly yet. Just know that I have one and because I do, I’m super clear about what’s IN and what’s OUT for me as I move forward.

It's time for you to name your year!
Look back at 2018 and give it a name.  Yes… sure it was crazy. Sure you got stuff done, too.  Think of a name for what you made of 2018.

Now, give 2019 a name.  

As I said, I have one.  I’m very clear. I know that everything I do will filter through that.  THAT is certainty. It’s not a wish. It’s not a resolution. It’s certainty and it’s real.  It’s so real that it’s as good as done. All that’s needed now are the days of coming adventure.  


Get that.  

It’s not about wishes.

It’s not about the lies we tell ourselves, “resolving” to lose 15 pounds while we order cheesecake because, well, it IS the weekend.  Insert your own vice here.

You’re either living your dream or you’re not.  (And, by the way, if 2019 is the year of indulgence, I don’t have any judgment about that.  I just want you to do it up big.)


Wishes and resolutions won’t get you results until you’re clear.


You have to (get to) declare what 2019 will be for you.  

Do any of these ideas fit for you?  Try them on:

  • 2019 is the year of being more fit than you’ve been since high-school.  
    • And women proudly boast that the earrings they wore back then still fit…  Okay, it’s an old joke, but really, we excuse so much when we could take small steps toward something that really does matter.  That said, for some, this isn’t a priority. So, stop pretending it is.  Permission granted to go for it. Permission granted to focus elsewhere.
  • 2019 is the year of writing your first book
  • 2019 is the year of saving more money (and with the VIX as crazy as it’s been, this is a fun one)

Here we are in the last few days of the year.  Choose! Remember that 2019 is yours to declare!

Once you have clarity about what you stand for, you have clarity about what you won’t stand for.  Sometimes that process begins the other way around.  If you know what you don’t want, then you begin to shape what you will accept.  Once you find what’s acceptable, you begin to fine tune and state what you will drive toward.

Driving toward your betterment is the goal.  You, my dear reader, wouldn’t be here if driving toward your demise were the goal.  

So 2019 – what is the name of 2019 for you?  What will you dare to declare?

If you PM me, I’ll share with you what my title for 2019 is.  Please, let me know what yours is. It’s your time to build your Best Self YET.  (Some people wish for the best year ever.  Be careful because if it’s the best year ever, then it can’t get better than this.  If it’s your best year YET, you can build on it from here!)

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Name your year.  Then, CLAIM YOUR YEAR!

Leave a comment for me – tell me what you named 2018.  

Let me know what you’re naming 2019.  This is your year of certainty, passing wishes and resolutions.  This is your time to get… it… done!!!

Keep making your magic™!

See you here next year!

~ Dr P ~


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