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Wish, Resolve, or Commit?

wednesdays with wayne Dec 29, 2021

Here’s something to think about this week: New Year’s Resolutions fail by about the third week in February. 


As we approach the New Year, think about what you really, truly DESIRE. 


What tugs at you?


What will you honestly be willing to trade time, money, and shift past priorities to do, have, or become?  


Can you let go of what you thought you wanted or convinced yourself you “should” want and open to the possibility of becoming more aligned in this coming year?


What do you want? How will you grow?

Will you become someone who speaks French, increases their income, or has more white space on their calendar? 


What is it you want… truly want?

What is it you truly desire and would tend to like a precious garden?


Dare to desire.

Dare to declare.

Dedicate yourself to attaining it and receive the fruits of your efforts!


Happy New Year!


= Wayne = 

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