Will I Do It?

wednesdays with wayne Sep 21, 2022

Here’s a thing on my list. It’s important. Do I actually intend to do it?


I sometimes feel great putting stuff on my to-do list. 

  • Do a blog post. Check!
  • Clear email. Check!
  • Prepare for client calls. Check!
  • Climb Mt. Everest. Uhhh, let’s roll that over to tomorrow, still at a priority level 1, but we just won’t do it today. I’ll handle it tomorrow. And well… then it might roll to the next day.


We give ourselves the pat on the back for even thinking it’s something we’ll get to. It’s a badge of honor to have it there. And when other “stuff” consumes the day, we justify the rolling of the priority item.


That item could be related to health, to your finances, to your business, or your household. Yes, changing the wiper blades on your car is important. Oh, didn’t get out to do it, roll it over to tomorrow. Yes, calling potential clients is important. Oh, didn’t get around to doing it? Roll it over to tomorrow. Um… NO.


I’ve titled this blog specifically: 

Here’s a thing on my list. 

It’s important. 

Do I actually intend to do it?


Honesty with yourself builds trust. It builds trust with yourself, and it builds trust with others.


The truth… THE TRUTH is that we make choices.

We look at all of the important things and we put off the things that are either not easy or distasteful. 


THE TRUTH is that if you’re over-committing, you’re lying to yourself over and over again. That’s not good for you or your subconscious. 


What is a well-intended over-achiever supposed to do?


It’s but one of the topics covered at the Exponential Success Summit.


Here are some questions for you:

Do you get married thinking about when you’ll get divorced?

Do you hire a new employee thinking about the path to fire them?

Do you put truly important things on your list with the intent of not getting to them?


Nope. We mean well. We don’t approach things that matter with the idea that we’ll kill them. Living in alignment and truth does mean that you need to be clear. 


Here’s an item on my list. Do I actually intend on doing it today? Really? When? 

And if the answer isn’t a block of time, but rather a negotiation that you’ll squeeze it in here if that other thing doesn’t take longer than the time you gave it… you need to look at your intention.


And then, you need to one of these steps. You choose:

  1. Schedule a full day to devote to the project
  2. Bring in help
    1. Delegate
    2. Hire someone to do it
  3. Defer; deliberately pick a time a month or two out (and if that makes you flinch, go back to #1 or #2, above)
  4. Drop it. Get honest and just declare that while it may be important, you just aren’t going to do it. (Then, either take it off of your list altogether or see #2, above, and give it to someone who will do it)


I don’t do my taxes. 

I used to spend an entire weekend preparing to do taxes and then spend an entire weekend actually doing them, filling in boxes and calculating everything.

Then, I got help.

Now, I’ve hired an accountant to do them for me.


I’ll pull back the curtain on my life a bit. Right now, at this moment, as I write this, I have eighteen items on my to-do list. And writing a blog post isn’t one of them, so I don’t even get the satisfaction of crossing it off. (Though I might just have to put it on there so I actually can cross it off! Do you ever do that?) 


Four of my items are priority one.

I will do three of them today and will deliberately roll one over. That’s because the one I’ll roll has to do with a personal reach out to someone and, because of the hour, I don’t want to disturb this person.

Two of the items are priority two. I’ll complete one and roll one over, elevating it to a priority one for tomorrow.


And that’s how I do my list.

The other items remain there. If I have free time and get inspired, I’ll check one or two off. But it’s likely I’ll hang onto them and roll them over until they reach a priority one or two. 


The thing is, I’m clear.

I know what I will and won’t do.

And it’s time for you to get clear, too!


Keep making your magic… see you here next week!


= Wayne =

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