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Why We Have Problems

wednesdays with wayne Sep 08, 2021

WE have to do something! 

Yes, yes we do.


Don’t we?


Mindset was the name of the game last week! Be sure to check out last week’s Wednesdays With Wayne if you missed it.


Accountability is where we’re heading today. You see, when we agree that something should be done, that we should do something, you’ve set yourself up for failure.


The big “a-ha” moments come to the leaders I work with when I explain this concept. It’s why organizations fail to be profitable, why meetings tend to be repetitively deathly horrible, and why family chores end up sounding like nagging.


“We should do something” is a cry for help.


So, own it.




Let’s say you saw a dam that had a little crack in it. “Oh, someone should fix that!”

Let’s say you saw a wall in your house that got a small crack in it from the house settling over time. “Oh, we should patch that.”

Let’s say that a pile of mail and other papers seemed to grow a little and then a little more. “Oh, gosh, we need to sort through that.”


Who is “we?”

When are “we” going to get to that.


The truth about “WE” is that everyone thinks it means someone else (unless it’s something fun, “Hey, we’re going to the beach, want to come?” Now you get to be a part of the “we.”)


The point is that we’ve all nodded our heads in agreement when we know that something should be done and we’ve all waited for someone else to do the thing that WE agreed should happen. To be productive and efficient, accountability needs to enter the fold.


Assign the action – I called the role that of a “shepherd.” Who will shepherd this project? Who will be the one to find the resources (people, funds, materials, etc.) to get it done?


Assign the due date – when is it going to be completed?


When are the report outs, and to whom? Who needs to know about the progress of the project?


Without accountability, you’ll continue to spin, coming back to the same old problem again and again. By the way, the most accountable you can be is to yourself. No one can exercise for you. No one can choose what goes on your plate or into your mouth. No one can get you to bed but you. So who’s ultimately accountable for your success?



By when?

Reporting out to whom?


That’s your foundation for success and accountability.


Until there’s an “I,” then “we” have problems.


Crush it!


= Wayne = 

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