Why Something Like Standing Up Straighter Matters

wednesdays with wayne Oct 11, 2017

Have you ever been around someone who makes you think differently?  Perhaps just because of who they are or how they present themselves, you stand up straighter?  I don't know why it happens, my daughter is a Marine and when I'm around her, I find my posture improves.  

There’s something about excellence that you can sense in a person.  

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Welcome to this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne!  Let’s dive a little deeper into the Excellence Expectation thing, shall we?  You see, I just finished doing a training session on leadership and excellence at the Ritz-Carlton in Southern California.  You know what?  The way they execute their service delivery got to me.  Everything they did was a deliberate act of customer service excellence.  Their goal is to anticipate the needs of the guests and have things complete before the request is even made.  They’re like ninjas, too.  They’re fast, efficient, and almost invisible.  That’s where the magic happens.

Psssssttttt – that’s one of the secrets.  When you know what a guest or customer wants, don’t wait for them to ask.  Have it ready.  And connect with each person as a person, someone who is more than a chart or a customer relationship management profile.  Use that information to help the person stay human.

Above that, be intentional about your excellence.

We can all be that bit better in how we do what we do.  I'm pretty deliberate and I'm pretty focused on excellence.  And yet, I know I can get to another level.  That's why you're here, too.  To get to that next level.

And that’s the lesson:
Be Intentional About Your Excellence

I’ll bet you don’t think in terms of planning excellence.  And, I’ll bet that if, before starting your workday, you asked yourself one simple question, your results would improve significantly because your relationships have improved significantly.

The question:  How can I serve others extraordinarily today?  

That word, extraordinary, by definition means beyond the ordinary.  Getting intentional about excellence is the first step to living it.  I had a business owner ask me why his team wasn’t really living into being extraordinary when he knew they could.  I asked him about his Vision, how he communicates it, and how his strategy is set up around it.  He shrugged and shrank back.  “Yeahhhh… the Vision…  we should probably revisit that.”

If you don’t have intentionality about what levels you want, how can you expect others to live into them?  No team member is going to surpass the level of excellence you set for yourself.  

YOU are the role model (no matter what level you’re at on the team).

Get intentional.

Write this down and put it where you can see it in the morning, perhaps in multiple places such as your bathroom mirror and your car dashboard:
How can I live into excellence and serve others extraordinarily today?

That’s your task.  It’s the only way to Keep Making Your Magic™!!!

And yes, leaders need advisors.  Sometimes they’ll even admit that.

In fact every successful person I’ve ever met had an advisor to two along the way.  As you approach that point and want to boost your trajectory, start with real clarity and boldly, bravely move forward from there.  The DynamicLeader® programs will help you do just that.  Whether it’s the online courses that you take at your own pace or the one-on-one coaching and advising, you can make your life take off to the next level.  It really IS about intentionality.  Check your commitment level to yourself.  When was the last time you invested in your own excellence?  The time is now.  Click here.

See you on the other side of that click!

Rock your day!

~ Dr P ~


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