Why So Serious?

wednesdays with wayne Sep 06, 2017

Have you ever found yourself worrying about something so much you were almost to the point of tears?

Short On Time?
(Am I, Or Am I Not, Wearing Pants?)

Traffic is terrible.  The people you’re waiting to get an answer from aren’t calling you back.  There are two meetings in different places you’re supposed to attend.  You’ve got multiple projects going at work and more projects going at home.  You’re juggling and stretching the resources you have.  You wonder how to get it all done, how get in that workout, and how to eat right, AND still to have some downtime.

Today’s Wednesdays With Wayne isn’t about productivity; it’s actually about saluting the absurd in honor of humor and your health.

By acknowledging the small absurdities in your life, you actually gain a perspective that allows you to put the bigger stuff in a handle-able order.  That is, when you get tense about being tense, winding down is like unraveling some out-of-control spool of thread.  You know when your headphone cords get tangled… yeah, it’s like 3000 times that!  

And…  it doesn’t have to be.  Can you find the humor in your headphone tangle?  Can you see humor in the traffic jam (hint – just look at the faces of the other people)?  Can you smile at yourself and your own responses?  Smiling leads to breathing.  Breathing leads to muscles relaxing.  Muscles relaxing lead to better sleep.  Better sleep leads to lowered cortisol.  And so it goes.

What’s on your to-do list?  

What’s NOT on your to-do list?

Perhaps you’ll want to add something like “Pause to smile” or “Doodle” or “Take on the third item on the list as if you were a four-year-old” (which is NOT the same as make fun of the person who is on the list).

What if you approached your list from the perspective of an off-planet alien?

The object here is to gain a new perspective and to smile a little while you’re doing so.  Bring your playful, creative, joyful self to the situation.  By getting more tense about all you don’t have, you lose the perspective of all you do have AND you lose your ability to actually be resourceful with the resources you have.

Challenge –

Have Some Fun With Your To-Do List

Make Six People Smile Today

And… Keep Making Your Magic™!!!

Until next time!

~ Dr P ~

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