When The Sky Was Flat

wednesdays with wayne Oct 18, 2017

When we bother to look up, we might register somewhere in the depths of our minds that the sky is blue and a wisp of clouds floats by.  Birds sing, though we hardly notice.  

Until something changes all of that.  The sky is grey.  There is no depth.  Your eyes tear-up from the ashes that fill the air and choke the breath from your chest as it hurts to breathe.  And you wonder if you’ll see the sky again.



In all honesty, I’m having trouble writing this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  

It seems like there are natural and human-made disasters hitting this blue marble (or is that blue marvel), one right after the other.  

I live in Northern California about a half-hour from Napa.  So much of what I knew, have fondly visited, and have driven to and through is either threatened by fire, currently on fire, or has been destroyed by fire.

I’m one of the lucky ones.  Today, my breathing is almost normal.  My eyes have stopped weeping tears that clear the smoke and ash.  My body is more relaxed as I no longer must think about my “go bag” if called to evacuate.  And I’m thinking more clearly.

I didn’t realize that smoke and stress could cloud my thinking so significantly.  I teach High Performance and live the life of a DynamicLeader®.  I had to push myself to get back to basics.  My brain was fogged and I knew it.

The sky was flat.  It wasn’t until the smoke began to lift yesterday that I realized how much I appreciate the blue sky and the stars at night.  I appreciate the birds that light in the back yard to pick through the grass for seeds and bugs.  

To my friends and family that are affected by the Northern California fires (including the new one in San Jose), the fires that touched the Anaheim Hills in SoCal, the hurricanes that decimated the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the new storms brewing across Ireland, a friend whose husband has been in a coma after an accident, and on and on and on: there is a lot of pain out there.  I can feel it.  We can all feel it.

And I feel something else.  I am in deep awe and admiration of your courage and strength during these difficult times.  

Dr Wayne Dyer used to say that feeling bad isn’t going to help feed the hungry or erase the pain in the world.  In fact, my feeling bad isn’t helping at all.  Only by amplifying what’s positive can we create that energy in the world.  I honor and admire the courage of those who are struggling.  And I ignite the energy of love (combined with action) to heal those in need.

The blue sky and birds chirping are not a sign for me to simply forget the recent tragedies and believe everything is okay.  The blue sky, the cool breeze, the birds, the stars… these are reminders to us all to reach out and to step up.  As the immediate danger subsides, it’s time to reach back out.  Love bigger.  Love harder.  And step up to serve more greatly.  

The sky was flat.  It was dark and grey.  Clear skies are coming back.  We need to appreciate that as a sign to come together, to reach out more, and to appreciate what we have.

November is traditionally the month to think about Gratitude.  

Let’s start that early.  Right now.  Right NOW.

Remember how I said that as a DynamicLeader® I had to push to get back to basics?  My thoughts needed to get grounded so I could move forward.  

Here’s what I did.  And, here’s your to-do list –



  1. What are your top three core values? List them!
  2. How did you express them today at a level 7 or above?  
  3. How can you push them two more levels up?  (Do it!)
  4. For what are you grateful today?  List five things right now.
  5. You didn’t do that, did you?  You thought of about two or three.  Go back, get five.  For bonus points, list ten!
  6. Set an action plan:  How can you serve people whom you haven’t met or haven’t reached yet?  Not to make money, to serve.  
  7. Calendar something every week.  To whom will you reach out?  For bonus points, you could plan an action step a few times a week.


I’m starting a GoFundMe campaign for a friend who lost everything a little while ago.  I’ve contributed to others’ campaigns, as well.  That’s not a “yayyy me” comment.  It’s an action step or two I think I can take.  There are other ways to help.  Choose yours.  Create yours.

Remember who you are, good human.  Now reach out, because Human Kind needs you to be both.

Keep making your magic™!!!  

Big love to you!

~ Dr P ~

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