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wednesdays with wayne Nov 20, 2019

In a discussion with a high-performance brother, he commented on something that got me thinking.  We were talking about what it means to be able to get up every day with a sense of purpose. It feels good to want to do more, have more, BE more, and serve more greatly.  

We then started talking about why some people don’t feel that way.  

We humans are gifted with something special.  Our brain’s frontal lobes help us plan and sequence.  We have the ability to think forward and to choose to improve.  

And this was the conversation stopper: 

We’re the only beings that can choose not to improve ourselves.

Think about every other animal or even plant.  If you block a plant’s light by putting an object in front of it, the plant will lean out to be able to get sunlight.  If you give a chimp a banana in a box that’s behind a caged wall and just out of reach, the chimp will create tools to get to the banana.  Living beings are designed to survive and thrive.  

Yet we humans are so “special” that we can choose not to do so.  

We can choose not to move our bodies even when they’re craving that.  We can choose to eat foods that don’t fuel our brains.  

Isn’t that strange?  

So what does that mean to you?  As we approach Thanksgiving (here in the U.S.) and we trade our regular clothes for postprandial stretch pants, and then we slide towards the December holidays, and land firmly on the New Year, it means you have some choices to make.

We’re special.  We GET TO make choices.  

That allows you to focus on your New Year’s resolutions now.   

Living in High Performance means making choices to become better each day.  It means that you’re no longer living randomly, but rather deliberately, actively, positively™ lifting yourself and others around you.  

Make choices for yourself that optimize your personal light and life.

You owe it to the people around you – your family, your team at work, your clients, your friends – to live into your best life.  Start your day with clarity and a sense of purpose. You’ll see the difference between how you live and how others blindly and semi-randomly go through the day.  We humans have the power to choose to get better each day. We also have to power to choose not to do so. What will you choose today and each day forward?

This next step, right now, #StartsWithOne™ - that’s you!

~ Dr P ~


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