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Want vs. Treasure

wednesdays with wayne Dec 16, 2020

I heard that there’s some holiday coming up soon. Is that true?

All I know is that my wife chose to buy a blow-up snowman and enhance the décor of our front yard. Charming…  


Beyond the holiday that you celebrate (or that you don’t) at this time of year, you will acknowledge that the calendar page is going to turn once more.


With the turn of that page comes a lot of hope. New possibilities abound as we let go of the old history we’ve lived through.


And soon, many people will be jotting (mostly mental) notes resembling New Year’s resolutions. The problem with these “resolutions” is that most people aren’t resolute in following through to make them realities.


Wants without plans or deadlines are simply empty wishes.


I wish I could lose 50 pounds.

I wish I could win the lottery.

I wish I had a new car.


I want to lose 50 pounds.

I want to win the lottery.

I want a new car.


This is the year I shed 50 pounds.

This is the year I plan my business so well, that it’s like winning the lottery.

This is the year that I create a set-aside account to get the car I truly desire.


I treasure being 50 pounds lighter.

I treasure having a business that serves others and rewards me well.

I treasure buying a new car.


The first two sets of wishes and wants seem somewhat empty and lifeless. 

The second two sets have some force behind them. And the set of statements reflecting the term “Treasure” reflects a simple formula – it’s internal and subconscious: I am willing to trade energy, effort, time, and other resources to make something come about if I truly treasure it. 


You can wish for or want a lot of things.

When I work with my clients, I never ask, “what do you want?” 

I ask, “what would you truly treasure?” 

What are you willing to plant in your magical garden that you’ll take the time and effort to water it, give it sunshine, and weed when needed?


Every dream needs that kind of attention.


Beware of empty wants and wishes. They lead to disappointment because you don’t truly believe they’ll appear for you.


What you treasure, what you keep your mind on and work toward incrementally or exponentially, that’s an inevitable outcome. 


This year, as you head towards your New Year’s resolutions, ask yourself what you would truly treasure.


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