Two Sexy Secrets

wednesdays with wayne Jan 16, 2019

People who work with me are pretty high achievers.  They’ve got a lot of outward success that they can point to.  What’s funny (odd, not humorous) is that they’re still in the struggle.

Most people look at others who are successful and think that “they’ve made it.”  While those viewed as truly successful look at themselves and wonder how to get better.  

There are Two Sexy Secrets to be found in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  (By the way, if this isn’t coming to your inbox yet, please click that link and look around.  You’ll see a box to plug in your email. Easy-peasy!)

THE Secrets:

  1. Keep at it.  Think of any elite performer.  What makes that dude from Aquaman so attractive?  Okay, he was certainly blessed with certain attributes, but you know what?  He deliberately crafted the ones for display. His showing up that way isn’t an accident.
    When you keep at something, you build confidence.  Confidence is attractive. Think about Stephen Tyler (look him up if you don’t know who I’m talking about). This guy wouldn’t otherwise get a second look.  But you know what? He’s amazing because he’s confident. He knows his stuff because he kept honing his craft.

    Caveat:  Confidence isn’t cockiness.  Both Jason Mamoa and Stephen Tyler show up with a true joy of life.  The confidence they exude says, “come play with me,” and not “I’m so great I can’t be touched.”

  2. Stay engaged.  Nothing is sexier and speaks to true success than true, focused presence.  How hard is that? Actually, darn it, it’s something I’m still wrestling with.  When I find myself excusing my attention to my phone with, “sorry, I’m just…” I know I’ve gone down a divided path.  And it’s likely you’re wrestling with that too. So block your times. Yes, block your time for your phone. Excuse my double-negatives here: Don’t focus on when you’re not going to use it (I won’t use it at lunch or dinner).  Rather, focus clearly on, I’ll check my phone at 10am, 2pm, and 4:50pm. (You pick your own times. I’m giving you examples here.)

Have you ever seen someone really sexy who isn’t in some sort of struggle to get better?

And though the aloof characters we see on TV or in the movies have some sort of mystique, what makes them “sexy” is that in the one-to-one situations, they’re fully engaged.

Take that big.  And while becoming sexier may not be your dream, having greater influence and support for your ideas comes from both of these secrets, too.  When you’re IN IT and PRESENT, you get people to join in support of you because of your passion for your beliefs and values!

Keep working on you!  Invest in yourself and in your craft.  As a leader, business owner, family member, and good citizen, keep working on YOU.

And when YOU show up; be deliberate. Show Up.

See you here next week.

Until then – Keep Making Your Magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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