Truth And Peace (Where’s The Lie?)

wednesdays with wayne Nov 04, 2020

Ahhh… the beginning of the holiday season. 


We’re faced with multiple challenges for the holiday season, especially as the pandemic wears on. So often we put on emotional armor in an effort to protect ourselves from the horrible conversations or confrontations that come up over the holidays. They don’t have to, but all too often, they do.


What happens that you’re thrown off by the holidays?  

How are holidays different than the not-holidays?


Here’s a little truth for you: 

Whether you’re running a business or running your family, you can’t do either well, if you’re not running yourself correctly.


The scripts play out in our heads, “She’ll say this. Then, I’ll say that. Then so-and-so will chime in and then xyz will happen and then the whole day will be ruined.” Hmmm, now what kind of cranberry sauce shall I make?


The TRUTH is that you’re as much about creating the drama as the person who brings it.  Is the other person offensive? Will they talk politics or be degrading in some way? 


Your peace can only come if you are aware that you’re being sucked in.

What are your triggers for stepping into fight or flight?


The TRUTH is that you still have a choice about how you respond.

The truth is that you’re allowing yourself to be drawn in. You might try to pick sides. You might feel compelled to defend your position.


This habit goes well beyond the holidays. This time of year just seems to bring out the tension because of the (dare I say self-imposed) expectations placed on this time of year. 


PEACE comes from inside of you. When you can see what’s going on you can remember why you’re even in that particular situation (family or work or community). Remember that you can bring something special, the deep, true you. Sometimes silent presence is more powerful than engaging in argument.


Think about it, did anyone’s mind ever… EV ERRRR get changed going into a debate? 

We’re seeing some tremendous political stuff swirling all around us. Do you think you’ll change someone’s mind about what’s going on? 


Find your center. Bring gratitude and love for and to the situation. You’ll never find a lie in being at peace. The fear or the anxiety, those are based on stories that you’ve bought into. You won’t find the truth there.


Peace, love, gratitude – that’s where you’ll find your solid truth.

Step into that.


See you here next week!


~ Dr P ~


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