Transformational, Hopeful, Love

wednesdays with wayne Apr 04, 2018

There’s a concept I was just introduced to that actually could fall under the heading of business and leadership development.

It’s odd, and, I think it’s worth giving some thought-space to.  

Yep, today's Wednesdays with Wayne focuses on a concept I recently heard in a lecture, that of transformational, hopeful, love.

Here are some quick questions:  

  • How often do we bring the concept of hope and love to the work we do?
  • How often do we bring it to the people around us?
  • How often do we bring it to the projects and the outcomes that we desire?

Do we get so wrapped up in the competition of being better than that we forget what we're here to do?

Truly, isn’t the best thing we can offer someone else the opportunity to believe in themselves or in the work that they do?

Isn't it our job as leaders to make that something that we all focus on? When we give someone the opportunity to believe in a brighter future because we paint that future, doesn't that become then transformative?

The energy itself becomes compounding when painting that positive picture comes from a place of pure presence (try reading that one out loud with all those Ps). Your message does become one of hope, optimism and dare I say it, love.

Everything we do then, has the opportunity for creating a positive outcome. This is a matter of you finding your powers so that you can create that in others. This is the path to success and significance.  As a leader, as a family member, as a member of the community, you owe that to yourselves and to those around you.

So it seems there may be a place for true transformational, hopeful love in the workplace, at home, and in the world. How much of that are you bringing?

Be deliberate, be intentional, be present, be joyful.

Take that into Q2 of this year and see where it brings you!

Along the way, for even more help in the form of a self-study course, you can check out the Success and Significance course by clicking the link.  

Keep making your difference and Keep Making Your Magic™!  

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~


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