Three Kinds of Trouble

wednesdays with wayne May 05, 2021

Past, Present, and Future


We humans are funny creatures. We have wonderful imaginations and use them so poorly. Think about all of the trouble we’ve had. The truth is you’ve come through 100% of the hard times you’ve had.


You’ve survived. At the very bare minimum, you’ve survived every single one of the hard times you’ve had in your life. And yet…  


If you’re like most people, you carry the past with you. You cringe at old thoughts as waves of guilt course through your body. The trouble we had in the past we can’t fix. We can make amends today, but we can’t go back to change what was.


That goes for wishing for a different childhood.

And it’s true for any transgressions you might have had. 

Guilt is there to remind you that you have choice. Guilt itself is your way of continuing to pay the price for something. You’ve already experienced the “wrong-ness” of whatever it was. Now, right now, whom do you choose to be and become? Or, will you live on as the person of the past?


Choice is your power. 

Carry forth something that you can’t fix from the past or choose to learn and grow from it.


And today, what trouble are you facing?

Consider today’s trouble a simple snapshot in time. Seriously. Think about hardest thing you had to face a couple of years ago. Right now, does that trouble seem as big as it did? Probably not. What you thought was huge, you’ve come through. And today’s trouble… the problems you face today in your financial, medical, career, relationships, or spiritual spheres… they’re all simply snapshots in time. Your business tanked? Awesome, now what?  Your relationship is rocky? Great… what are you doing to invest in it or invest in yourself to get out of it?  Your finances aren’t where you want them? Again, now is just a snapshot in time. 


Where will you take yourself over the next few months so that in two years when you look back, this big trouble you’re experiencing right now will seem so small?


And this worry about the future… what a waste of a beautiful imagination!

All of the worry you had has played out as either happening or not happening and again, you’ve gotten through, right?  So rather than worry about the future, why not project the best possible outcome onto that thought stream!  You control your thoughts. Yes, even that is a choice.

And what was that thing I said before??  Ah, Choice Is Power!


There are three types of trouble out there and you don’t need to dwell in any of them, whether it’s about your business or your personal life. You are getting through. You’re moving past just surviving and stepping into thriving.


And how is all of that happening?

By choice.


Let go of the troubles of the Past, Present, and Future.

Focus on your responsibility to take action and create the worldview that you desire most. Then, live into that every day. 


= Wayne = 


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