Three Keys to Recover From Burnout

wednesdays with wayne Jun 02, 2021

Burnout is a thing. It almost feels like depression, and you might feel just a bit anhedonic, which is the technical term for the inability to feel joy. This past year has taken a lot out of each of us. It’s felt very personal, and it’s been overly politicized. We’re coming out of a PAN-Demic, meaning that it was global… wide spread… around the world… and therefore, not personal.


Still, we stare at the same four walls, having gotten accustomed to working somewhere between 11 and 14 hours a day (so say the statistics). It’s easy to get up and flip on the computer to “just check email really quickly.” The rationalization is that if you can clear some emails out before breakfast, then the rest of the day goes more smoothly.


That’s not how it works. Burnout comes from feeling like there’s no end in sight mixed with a sense of questioning why this even matters. 


The bottom line is that YOU LOST PURPOSE. Somewhere your love of helping people in the process of doing what you do got displaced by the act of doing what you do. The routine became a grind. And that lead to resentment first of the work, then of yourself for letting the work take over. 




First, recognize that you have a lot more control than you thought. You have control in the world. You have control over your day. And you have control over you mindset and your emotional reactions (which could otherwise be responses). It became easier not to feel than it was to feel frustrated. 


Think about what you actually have control over – start with your calendar. You wake up, hit the bathroom, grab your morning beverage (coffee, tea, water, or some veggie-squeezed something). Then, what? No, do not grab your phone. Grab your exercise gear. Grab your journal. Just don’t grab your tech.  You’ll be more productive – You Will Be MORE Productive – if you give your brain a chance to get super engaged first.  


When you do get to your calendar, look at where you can build in the most important meeting times for yourself – meetings with yourself. Build in deliberate breaks.


Think about other places that you have control; take a quick inventory.


Next, you get over burnout by doing something different from the thing that caused the burnout. If you’re in front of a screen for 14+ hours each day, make sure you’re taking breaks to get outside. Get some sun. Get some air. Stretch. Hydrate. All the stuff you know you’re supposed to do; put it on your calendar so that you’ll do it. Getting outside allows your eyes to focus differently. That affects your physiology. And that affects your psychology!


Finally, while it might seem like an odd thing to do, it’s really important that you actually ask for what you need. For some, that’s what I call “a parade.” Ask someone to say something nice about you. Think about how you might respond if I said, “Hey, my energy is low. Could you tell me something that makes you happy about me?” That’s so very different from creating drama and hoping that someone enters into the drama to rescue you.


To recap:


  • Take control over your calendar and your day.
  • Get out – seriously, get outside to refocus your eyes, stretch your body so your lungs can fill.
  • And ask for what you want and need. It’s just that simple. If you need a boost, ask! You’re more likely to get anything you want when you’re clear about it and ask for it specifically.



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Keep making your magic…LeadershipMagic!


= Wayne =

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