The Power of Being Unreasonable

wednesdays with wayne Sep 09, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I took the center stage on an Amazon Prime TV series called SpeakUp! I’m in season two. It’s pretty exciting. It’s like a TED talk; made for TV. It’ll air next month. And, you’ll get a preview about my talk here!


The Power of Being Unreasonable focuses on the stories we’ve been told and what we’ve accepted from “influencers” or those in authority along the way. The voices in our heads, those not ours that stay with us, need to be challenged.


Along my personal journey, I was told everything from “you’re just not living into your potential” to “you’re just not good enough.” I had a teacher in high school laugh at me telling me that I’d never earn a PhD, that it was ridiculous, that I was ridiculous for thinking I could or I would.


But I did. Deep inside, I knew there was more. So I went on.


It’s important to look at where you’ve been told to aim for goals that are “realistic” or “reasonable” because those suggestions tend to be based in other people’s limitations. 


Here’s where The Power of Being Unreasonable kicks in.

Though I grew up as someone who ached to fit in and please others, I also rebelled against doing so. I really just wanted to be unreasonable. I couldn’t follow the traditional psychology path, stroking my goatee or wearing jackets with elbow patches (the mode dujour when I was in grad school). Nope. I took a left turn into leadership development 35+ years ago because I knew there was more. By lifting others, by moving away from being an influencer myself and becoming more of what I call an Outfluencer, I’ve made more of a difference in the world.


And you can too. 

Look back at the rules you learned and took on. Are they yours? Are they serving you? There are social norms and laws we adopt. Even those need to be questioned. I’m not suggesting anarchy. I’m suggesting a return to critical thinking AND imagination.


By reengaging imagination, we begin to dream again. We take on a renewed sense of possibility. 


And if you’re at a place of “yeah, but” about that, you’ve lost your way. The power of being unreasonable is based on your ability to return to dreaming your own dreams, reigniting your imagination about possibility, and leaving reality behind.


It’s time to find yourself again.  Is that so unreasonable?


Let’s hope so!


~ Dr P ~

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