The Most Critical Investment Right NOW

wednesdays with wayne Dec 27, 2017

Most people miss this.
It’s not a fund.  It’s not crypto-anything.

This week’s Wednesdays With Wayne is about something much more critical than financial investing.

The most critical investment as you turn the calendar and find 2018 staring at you is YOU.  Most people miss the fact that they need to invest in themselves.  How can you step into a higher level of productivity if you don’t find a new perspective?  How can you think differently or challenge others to think differently if you don’t push yourself out of the thought processes you’ve already learned to enjoy?

I live Happily Dissatisfied.  

Some people think that’s weird.  How can I live my life dissatisfied?
I don’t live my life offended.  I don’t live my life wishing it were different.  In fact, I live my life full of joy and happiness.  And it’s only from there that I can say… I want more.  I want to experience more.  I want to learn more.  I want to serve more.  And if I stay where I am, I’ll feel stuck.  

It’s because of that, I push myself to be slightly uncomfortable.  

This year, I’m investing A LOT in my growth.  A LOT.
I’ve got three different mentorships I’m diving into.  Each will stretch my thinking and my current capacity.

Why?  What makes something like that so important?
Because 2018 is YOUR Year!  I need to become better tomorrow by planting seeds today.  In order for me to serve you even MORE greatly, I need to push outside of my comfort zone.

Have you heard of the confidence/competence loop?
We each have a level of confidence in something we do relatively well.  That is, we’re confident in the things where we are competent.  And each of us could choose to stay in that space.  

Imagine the cell phone technology of 10 years ago or 5 years ago or even 2 years ago.  The phones were amazing when they first hit the market.  BUT (yes, but) what if they stayed there?  What if they didn’t push beyond their capacity when they first came to market?  You’d be pushing buttons on your push pad.  You’d push three times on the number 2 in order to get the letter C to come up in a text.  Remember?   Some of us got good at it.

My first computer had 8MB of RAM.  That was something!  I paid extra for that.
Now, each of our phones have more computing power in them than the room full of computers that brought the Apollo 13 into space and back.

We know there’s more.  We know that our current state is not the best that it could be.
Whether we’re looking at our technology or introspectively deeper into ourselves, we can each be happily dissatisfied, knowing that we can do better.  

To become better, to do more, be more, have more, and serve more… it takes a commitment to yourself.  It takes investing in yourself.  And it takes stepping into a space where another person (a coach or advisor) can offer you perspective and guidance that you don’t have.

You can’t ask a fish what water is like.  They don’t have the perspective of “not-water.”
Even the best athletes and the highest performers in the world seek the perspective of others.  If you think about anyone you admire, you can be assured that they got to where they are and that they’re staying on top of their game because they have outside guidance.

You can’t ask yourself about your own life.
You’re in it and have your own quirky ways.  That’s cool.  And, if you don’t seek an outside perspective for advice and guidance, you’re destined to slide into a place of comfort and ultimate entropy.  

But that’s not you.

That’s not why you’re here.  

You’re here to grow more greatly.
You’re here to serve more greatly.
You’re here to make a difference to others by growing into your best self.

You’re here to feel the rush of boldness and grace that comes from being a DynamicLeader®!
Grow into THAT.  Be bold.  Be bad-a**.  Be your best self ever!!!

So, in what will you invest this year?
To what will you commit?

Whether it’s books, online courses, or individual consulting and advising, you’ve got a lot from which to choose.

Make 2018 yours.
Commit to your own growth.

You’ve GOT this!!!

That’s how you’ll Keep Making Your Magic™!

See you here next week as we kick off 2018 with something pretty special!!!

Happy New Year to you!

~ Dr P ~


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