The Magic of Shifting Perspective!

wednesdays with wayne Jun 27, 2018

Problems!  This Wednesdays With Wayne looks at how you handle problems.  Let’s start by looking at them. If you took inventory right now, how many problems would you say you have?  

Are you buried by them?  Or are you curious and engaged, even energized by them?  While I’m not suggesting that you find a mental space of such bliss that you have no problems, I am suggesting that a shift in how you look at them makes a difference in the problems themselves.

As you think about your biggest problem (or challenge) right now, what body sensation do you have?  

Try this:

  • Get one clear challenge in mind.  The bigger, the better!

Where are you struggling the most?

    • Finance
    • Relationships
    • Career/Job
    • Health
    • Social
    • Other
  • Ask:  How could I approach this problem differently?

Put yourself in a position of thinking differently and explore this question from multiple perspectives:

How would I approach this problem if I were:

      • Oprah Winfrey?
      • Tony Stark? (Yes, Iron Man)
      • A 3 year-old?
      • Elon Musk?
      • Mozart?
      • Walt Disney?
      • Diana Prince? (Yes, Wonder Woman)

By exploring different perspectives, you don’t end up wishing for smaller problems.  You actually grow into a bigger, more capable you. Oh we’ll always have challenges. That’s part of the deal with being a DynamicLeader® and High Performer.  Now it’s a matter of wishing for a better, bigger, more capable you to handle the challenges that come your way. And that, dear friends, takes practice.

Practice taking on new perspectives for every challenge.  

Ask, WWJD.  What Would Jesus Do?  While you’re at it, ask what would Batman do?  I’m not being irreverent. I’m suggesting that every perspective serves to inform your next action step.

As you get more experience with perspective shifting, you’ll actually find yourself in a place of ease with the challenges of life.  The irony is that the more you shift perspective, the less you’ll be over-thinking the whole thing.

Remember, you have different paths you could take and that’s not a bad thing.  Also, you have resources right here, at your disposal! Yep! Dive into the resources you have so you can get better every day! (click)

Think differently.

Then, act differently.  There is magic in shifting perspective.

See you here next week.  Until then, Keep making YOUR magic™!

~ Dr P ~


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