The Good And The Bad

wednesdays with wayne Dec 13, 2017

My travels take me to all kinds of places.  As I write this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I’m at yet another airport, the overhead announcements blare, and I’ve just completed (at least a portion of) a conversation with the woman sitting next to me.  We spoke about travel.  We spoke about the holidays.  And the theme of all that we spoke about came down to how pretty much everything has two sides to it.  

I travel… a lot.  Her remark that “everything is both good and bad, I guess” struck me.  It’s true.  I love where I’m going.  I don’t love the getting there.  I don’t love the good byes.  I love the hellos.  I love the process I get into once I’m there.  I don’t love the good byes.  I don’t love the travel.  I love coming home.

It’s the holidays.  Some people love them.  Some people… well… not so much a fan.  Sometimes that’s situational.  There were times in my life that the holidays were laden with strife and stress.  I seemed to be on everyone else’s timeline and agenda.  I was tugged in all directions.  And I felt tugged and/or judged about getting just the right thing… or not.

And now, I’ve grown into just enjoying.  I enjoy the time with family when I get it.  I enjoy the season, the lights, the temperature changes, and yes, the smells that come with more frequency this time of year.  

My hope for you is that you can see the good and not-so-good of things and choose to celebrate the good.  Every day you transition into something new.  That means you leave something behind.  Was it “good” or “bad?”  Some people are quick to blame a year, “I can’t wait for the New Year.  Good riddance….”  Really?  You’re blaming an entire year for being a “bad” year?  

Sure, I’ve looked back and thought about certain years as being harder than others.  No, I wouldn’t want to relive them.  The truth is, I don’t think I’d want to relive any of my years.  There’s so much to look forward to.  I used to say that as we live our lives, that we engage in A Worthy Struggle™.  One of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, talks about the need to Honor The Struggle.  And you know what, in recognizing that there are plusses and minuses to each moment, that they feel good or bad, we step into judgment when we could be stepping into joyful learning.

Is it always fun?  Nope.

As with my travels, that’s the “struggle” I endure to get to the next place of joy.  I know that it’s not going to last forever and that I absolutely WILL get through it.

Keep that in mind as you come into these holidays.
Keep that in mind as you turn the page of the calendar and take on the New Year.
You will get through and you can bring your vital, joyful self to any situation, because even in talking with the woman who commented that there was good and bad in everything, I had a little pleasure in the human connection.  It lightened the burden of travel just that bit.

Reach out.
Connect as a human.

You’ll get through this; so don’t wish it away.  Learn from it.  Bring joy to it!  You’ve got this!  Happy Holidays to ya!!!

Oh… hey…!!!

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