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The Fountain Pen Paradox

wednesdays with wayne Mar 08, 2023

Graceful, elegant, smooth writing comes from the fountain pen. Not when I was younger, though. I got blobs of ink, I tore the paper, and I ended up with inky blue fingers. 


What makes a fountain pen work differently than any other pen is that, among other things, a lighter touch is necessary. Graceful strokes don’t come from the hand or wrist. They come from controlling the arm. 


And that’s something, isn’t it? I mean, as an analogy for a lot of life lessons, we’re often so focused on the thing that seems to have the power. And when we give that thing more power, we often mess up the very outcome we were after.


When we relax, we create a flow that isn’t readily apparent. This is a difficult paradox for those who need control: You need to yield in order to have control. Much like the power found in the martial art of Aikido, yielding gives you the ability to control. 


Flow comes from letting go of the struggle.  


It’s that simple.


Sometimes, those are the hardest lessons to get.


Keep making your magic! See you here next week.


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~


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