The Dynamic Balance of Success

wednesdays with wayne Jun 29, 2022

Success isn’t ever either/or, it’s always a balance and the balance is always shifting. Work/Life balance is a myth. And so is attaining success.


What most people don’t get is that the journey changes you. So when you work really hard and achieve the goals you set out to hit, sometimes you feel flat. Like, “what, that’s all there is?” 


That’s all there is because you’re more accomplished. So doing that thing that looked so hard a year or two ago is just part of who you are now.


Remember that when you’re starting that climb, taking on that new project, or pushing to reach some new goal.


Success is a DYNAMIC balance. It’s not static. It’s ever moving and, because you’re the one to give meaning to the things in your lives, the attainment of success is ever changing.


That’s a good thing.


You can look at what you’re really good at. Whether that’s driving or doing surgery, none of it felt easy when you were first learning. Now, you know there’s nuance. You know you could still improve your skills. And you know that there’s so much more to achieve.


That’s the thing – there’s a lot more for you To Do, To Have, and To Become.


Go rock this day, month, quarter, and year.


Keep moving and recognize that sometimes you have to shift backwards for a moment in order to regain your balance as you move forward. It’s dynamic and ever shifting. And it’s all under your control.


Stay curious and keep making your magic!

See you here next week!


= Wayne =

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