The Cost of Serving Everyone

wednesdays with wayne Jul 29, 2020

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Let’s focus on the true cost of serving everyone. I think, you know where we're headed with this. And so this is kind of fun because it's a chance just to lock in your thinking around it. 


What does it mean when you try to be everything to everybody? You know, there's so many businesses out there that fail, and there are so many individuals that fail because they're trying to be everything to everybody. The people that I work with have had experience like that, where they've tried to serve pretty much everyone. Luckily, most of the people that I work with get through it and recognize that living that way is a killer! It'll kill you individually and it'll kill you as a business. When you try to anticipate the needs of absolutely everyone, you end up losing yourself in the process.


The thinking drowns you: What if they don't like this? What if they don't like that? What if, what if…  People “what if” themselves into a frenzy.


Stop it.

That might be the reminder you needed right now.


Not everyone is going to like, endorse, or appreciate everything you do. You’re not on your path for that. And while this isn’t an endorsement for self-absorption or pure egoism, it is a nudge for self-expression. You get to, and need to, live into the fullest expression of yourself. 


That’s how you best serve others.


Show up authentically, aligned with your values, in the now.

Change, grow, and continue showing up authentically. Those who appreciate that, will lean toward you. Others who don’t might offer resistance. And so it is. As a reminder, a plane gains lift by pushing into the wind. 


Get ready to take off and soar. You do that by being yourself, not seeking the “likes” and approval from others. That, my friends, will come.


Your truth allows you to be trusted first, then liked.


Start there.


See you here next week!


~ Dr P ~


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