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Summertime Work-Life Balance Myths

wednesdays with wayne Aug 04, 2021

What does it mean to really feel alive?

Are you filling your days with the things you love and live for? Feeling drawn to exploration is a prize, so are you ready to get out and explore or, do you have that nagging feeling like you “should” be doing something else… something more productive maybe?


It’s not uncommon, especially now as we focus on creating our own, personal, new normal.


There’s a conflict: 

What could I be doing? What should I be doing? 


People ask me how to balance their lives and the question of work-life balance still comes up. 

Work – Life Balance is a MYTH.


What we choose to put into that is our choice, every single day!

You can choose to fill your life with work. Or, you could choose to fill your life with not-work, whether that’s family, play, distraction, or philanthropy, you choose.


You will get more out of life when you choose something that lights you up, something you truly desire to do. What do you fill your days with? 


I don’t choose dishes or flossing my teeth. I mean, I do choose them because I do them, and I can’t say that either activity really lights me up. Writing, speaking, lifting others, that lights me up. So my work never feels like work. 


I get something out of having a clean sink and good oral hygiene. 

I get a lot more out of teaching, touching, and positively transforming the lives of others. It’s what I do and it’s completely aligned with who I am. 


So when my creative expression comes out on paper or on the stage or in laser-coaching a VIP client, I’m totally IN it because I love it.


What about you? Do you have something you LOVE? 

Are you doing it or have you put that aside? Is that your “someday” thing? It’s in exploring that concept that the question of work-life balance shows up. If you don’t feel aligned with what you’re doing, you’ll be aching for balance.  


What awaits you? What have you put off doing that could give you more grounding and balance right now?


That thing… take a step towards it today. You’ll be glad you did!


= Wayne = 

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