Stop Chasing Your Dreams (Yup!)

wednesdays with wayne Sep 16, 2020

I’ve seen so many people hope and strive.

I’m allergic to those words. 

Hope is so important to have, and it doesn’t do much for you after the initial experience of it. 

Striving is like trying. I never want a surgeon to strive to do her best. I want to be assured that she’ll do her best. I don’t want my accountant to strive to do his best. I don’t want my friends to try to meet me at a certain time and location. Do it or be clear that you won’t.  


The same concept goes for chasing your dreams. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have BIG GOALS and ASPIRATIONS for myself. I spent a lot of time (and money) trying to get the right answer, put the next thing in place, planning, and looking frantically at where I needed to be. 


What I missed then, that – if you’re seeing me on social media these days – you’ll notice that I’m not chasing my dreams. I’m living them. I’m doing the work, step-by-step, so that every day my dreams come to me. 


Chasing dreams implies a frantic search or blind quest.

Do the work so that your dreams come to you and that you’re living into them every day.


I’m blessed every single day because I awaken knowing that I’ll be in service and of service to others, lifting as I lead. I’m clear that the more I do that, the more lives I touch. I’m certain that be taking bigger stages, I’ll touch more people’s lives. And that’s the path I’m on.


What path are you on? What do you believe in?

And from there what work are you doing to ensure that you’re living your dream, every single day?  It’s not too late to fortify the dream you have or the path you’re on. And, it’s not too late to change your path so that the work you’re doing actually serves your dreams. 


Stop chasing your dreams. Do the work so that it all comes to you.


~ Dr P ~

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