#StartsWithOne - That’s YOU!

wednesdays with wayne Oct 09, 2019

You make an impact every day.  You influence people around you every day.  And you wield personal (and perhaps positional) power every day.  You are, in fact, responsible for consciously choosing to impact others so that you can do so deliberately and, because you’re here, that means positively.  You get to positively impact the people in your life consciously, mindfully.  

Anytime you’re in contact with someone, you have the opportunity to make a difference in their life.

I want to offer you some concepts to think about here.  I’ve had the privilege of bringing these ideas to others as a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach.  These concepts have been so well received that I realized that as one of my readers, you are now part of something that is more than just a concept, it’s a movement.

By being a consistent reader of Wednesdays With Wayne, you’ve demonstrated that while having influence and gaining success means something to you, you’re even more interested in focusing on making a difference in someone’s life.

How often do we pass by the people we know without acknowledging them?  We take for granted our family members, our coworkers, and the people who are in service to us.  Pausing to hold eye contact, smile, make conversation, and use the other person’s name brings them back to a place of humanity.  Think about the last time someone held eye contact with you or even offered you a smile because you seemed to have misplaced yours.  That’s rehumanizing the other. When you take the opportunity to rehumanize, you have stepped into creating a culture of caring. That greater culture Starts With One – #StartsWithOne    

Some people seek influence.  Some people seek, struggle, and strive for success.  Beyond both of those is the real target, that of Significance!  Stepping into real Significance starts with one, just you.  The ripple effect is HUGE. You generate the start of your own Culture Of Caring when you choose to make a difference and deliberately uplift someone’s life.  

When you do, that’s Significance.  

Being Significant, living your life in a way that creates the ripple of the Culture of Caring starts with one.

Your words and actions move you from someone seeking to be noticed as an influencer to someone who lives a life of Significance.  

Remember that rehumanizing can be as simple as making eye contact, smiling, and using another’s name.  At the grocery store, at work, heck… even at home!  

Reality check:  How much energy and attention do you give your pets when you get home?  

You look at them.  You call them by name.  You tell them they’re good.  

That love and excitement could also be given to the humans in your life during the day.  

Create your own Culture Of Caring by making your personal difference today.  Be deliberate. Rehumanize another and connect at a very core level.  

Creating a Culture of Caring isn’t hard.  It Starts With One. By being deliberate about choosing to step in supportively you are moving from impact to success to significance.  YOU are making a difference, by choice. And that’s what I want you to get from this today. Join the movement by recognizing that one person, you, can create a ripple effect on the people you interact with each day.  The movement begins with you. The choice to be present for another human begins with you. Yes, it #StartsWithOne


~ Dr P ~

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