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Sick of Being Grateful

wednesdays with wayne Nov 23, 2022

Living in Gratitude is truly amazing.

“Thank you” are the first two words out of my mouth every morning. Really. That’s the start of my morning ritual. And I do it deliberately with consciousness. 


And yet… does it ever feel like you’re being inundated with the notion that this is the month to give thanks? Maybe it’s starting to feel like a demand.


It IS November.  Tomorrow (in the U.S.) is Thanksgiving. We need to gather around a table and celebrate something that isn’t even historically accurate. 


Hey, I’m not being cynical. I’m inviting an awareness to a process that we all grew up in.

(Much like the 40-hour work week that began as a function of a law established pre-WWII, we get to question what works for us and what doesn’t.)


Personally, I’m not sick of being grateful. As I started this blog with, living in gratitude is truly amazing. And I really do begin each day with Thank You.


What we each need to pay attention to is the commercialization of that feeling. It distances us from the connection we can have with each other and beyond. This, then, is the invitation for you to become just a bit more conscious of what you can be grateful for.


If you find yourself in that “humbug” place, it’s likely because you’ve lost a connection to what it all means. First, we really don’t need to wait for a particular month or for a particular day in a particular month to become grateful. I live my life in gratitude AND I live my life joyfully dissatisfied, knowing there’s more for me to create, through service and positive connection.


Each day is a day full of joy and gratitude and knowing there’s more.

Some days are hard.

So be it. They don’t have to be.


Breathe, smile, choose.

Put yourself back in control of your own life, of your calendar, and of the circle of people you let into both. 


Enjoy gratitude for what you have, the experiences that are behind you, and for what you’re working on in creating your future. No one can tell you that you must be grateful. That builds resentment. Open to it. The things for which you might be grateful may very well be different from anyone else’s list. Smile about that. There’s beauty in the small stuff.


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In gratitude and wishing you all the best as you keep making your magic,


= Wayne = 


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