Perspective on Inconvenience

wednesdays with wayne May 08, 2024

Last week I shared that I went on a cruise through the Panama Canal. When you’re on a cruise, you come into port and have made choices about excursions. While in Punt Arenas, Costa Rica, we were on an excursion that included a boat tour for looking at local wildlife and a bus ride out to the Macaw Sanctuary. 


The part of the trip that took us by bus to the Macaw Sanctuary deviated from the plan as our bus came to a stand-still in heavy traffic on a two lane road in the middle of nowhere. I mean, it was Costa Rica; there just wasn’t a lot around us. 


Picture this: My wife and I were probably the youngest on the bus. There were 28 other people who had pushed into their late 60s, many in their 70s, and a few in their 80s. We’re on a bus. We’re at a standstill in traffic. We’re not getting closer to seeing the Macaw Sanctuary. 30 minutes pass. 


We’re told that there was an accident and that it should be cleared soon.


Another 20 minutes, then more, and more time passes. The other passengers are getting irritated. Some need a bathroom; there isn’t one on the bus.


The tour guides learn and then share with us that the accident was actually a double fatality.

We have been stationary for an hour and twenty minutes. Some people have walked off the bus in search of “facilities” for relief.


I initiate a discussion about turning around. We’ve been waiting for the road to clear and there’s no one coming in either direction. Their response: “everyone has to agree that they won’t ask for a refund.” 



We’re now almost two hours into just standing still on a two lane highway; we can maneuver the bus to turn around. Let’s please do that.


We voted. The whole bus voted after being held captive for two hours. We were turning around and we weren’t going to see the bird sanctuary. What was amazing was how almost – unfortunately it was only almost – everyone understood that while we were inconvenienced for two hours and we wouldn’t get the outcome we were hoping for, two other people and their families wouldn’t have the weekend they were hoping for. 


We were inconvenienced. That pales in comparison to those whose lives were lost. We GET to turn around. And we did. And somehow, with that perspective, the two hours of captivity on a bus – while ridiculous to us and dangerous for octogenarians – it seemed like an insignificant inconvenience.


When have you felt like the world had done something TO you only to gain the perspective that it wasn’t about you at all? 


It’s usually not. Keep that in mind as you flow through your day.


Be grateful every day. I am. And I’m glad you’re here.


Keep making your magic (and let me know if you want to be part of our small group experience in Portugal in October).


See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

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