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wednesdays with wayne Feb 22, 2017

We recently switched the kind of pans we use when cooking on the stove.  Sure, that’s a strange thing to think about for a Wednesdays With Wayne topic.  And here we are.  What do stovetops, pans, and you have in common?


Sometimes the pan brings elements to the food being cooked that we don’t always account for.  There are flavors that come through based on the type of pan you use.  AND there’s a cooking speed that certain pans have, and that affects the food.  That is, some pans heat up quickly and transfer that energy to the food evenly.  Some seem to take forever, but when they’re at temperature, they hold it.

So… to bring this analogy back to you – what do you bring to your day?  How fast do you come up to speed and how brightly do you burn?  Do you hold that energy throughout your day or do you need new infusions of energy to keep you going?

You transfer your energy to fuel your productivity.
You transfer your energy to engage the people around you.  

That means a few things –

You, like a stove-top pan, take in and transfer that which is given to you.  

And the points from this are:

  • Be super-aware of what you’re taking in.  How do you fuel yourself with nutrients, water, and rest?  What are you reading, listening to, or watching?
  • Be deliberate and intentional about what energy you need to get stuff done.  
    • You don’t always have to cook on high.  In fact, sometimes a lower temperature mixed with patience is exactly what’s needed!
  • Recognize that if you’re burning on your project (yep, you’re really cooking along) and you encounter someone that’s running at a lot cooler temp, that yes, you might bring them up.  But really, they’ll bring you down.  So attend to the elements around you.  Keep your environment clear.

Yes, you can look at the ingredients in the pan.  You can look at what the pan is made of.  You can continue to explore these ideas and take this analogy out much further.  And I hope you do.

Come back and tell me how you’re fueling and what you’re cooking up!   Sometimes you need that outside fuel source to burn a little brighter so you can conduct at a higher level, too.  Well, maybe it’s time you circled back for a DynamicLeader program. 

Let’s get you going because it really is always great to say, “Now You’re Cooking!”  

Yes, DynamicLeader, now you’re cooking!

Let me know what you’re up to and look at some of the programs I have for you to help you get to your next level.  

Keep making your magic!
~ Dr Wayne Pernell ~


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