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Mindset and Presence

wednesdays with wayne Dec 09, 2020

People call on me to become their Breakthrough Success Coach. Even when I’m working within an organization, helping the leaders align strategy, we’re still focused on a few key areas. These points will help you focus for the rest of this year and into the New Year (and beyond).


As your Powerful Presence™ Mentor, I’m here to remind you that whether you’re a partner in a relationship or a partner in a large firm, or you’re a solo person just trying to make it through the end of the year or a solo-preneur holding onto hope for your venture, the way you think absolutely affects the way you show up.


How you show up for your family, your friends, your colleagues, your division, your organization, or the community – that’s all reflected in how you show up for YOU.


The reason this particular Wednesdays With Wayne blog is out today is because the winter holidays seem to highlight (perhaps ignite) the thinking that has been going on below the surface. And with the challenges we’ve faced in this past year, there’s a lot that’s been brewing.


If you’re holding onto hope, if you’re holding onto fear, if you’re holding onto the notion that you must GET something in order to feel happy or, at the very base of the emotions, to feel safe, then you’re disconnecting from the people around you. And if you’re feeling slightly disconnected, it’s because you’ve been living in fear, doubt, worry, or guilt. (Think about any time you’ve felt slightly disconnected and you’ll recognize that you took yourself down some emotional rabbit hole.)


Your colleagues, family, and even customers can feel it. So if things have been off, your mindset needs to shift, NOW!


Your mindset absolutely affects how you show up and you’re very likely missing the things that you’re craving, even though they’re right in front of you. Fear, doubt, worry… these don’t substitute for awareness and action or for planning and even self-care.


Right now, as you read this, it’s likely that you’ve been facing some pretty big challenges. For some it’s family. For others it’s financial. For some it’s trying to be brave while holding a business together so as not to affect the lives of employees. (By the way, if you’re heading up a business, you deserve a special award for coming through this trying time.)


Think about the mental energy that has gone into holding that big monster in the closet at bay and the judgement you imagine you’ll face if anyone knew. (Psssstttt… we usually imagine the worst when no one else is even thinking about what we’re thinking about.)


What matters is how you feel about the struggles you’ve been facing. 

Fear, doubt, and worry keep you disconnected. They’re energy sucks that sneak in. Guilt and/or shame take over and those are supposed to make you feel better.


Gaining clarity leads to certainty. Certainty leads you back to confidence.


This isn’t a dark post. This is about you regaining even more solid footing at the end of the year or helping someone through some rough times by understanding what they’re going through.


Focus on something you’re absolutely positive about. And here, positive has a double meaning.

Focus on something positive. Focus on something you’re certain about. For some it’s the love and trust they have in another. For others, it’s the certainty that no matter what, as hard as things are now, they’ll get through.


In so many of the recent TV interviews I’ve done, the focus has been on how to get through. The key elements are to acknowledge that you’re resilient. You’ve bounced back so many times during this past year, it’s amazing.  You’re courageous. You’ve stepped into uncertainty every single day for the last eight or nine months and you’ve made it through another day. You’ve not only made it through, you’ve created something amazing along the way. And the third thing to remember is that you have power. Choice is power and each day you get to choose. 


My first book’s title was no accident: Choosing Your Power. It’s a reminder to continue to step in and choose. When you have awareness, fear and doubt dissipate. You are then, choosing your power.


So let’s talk about mindset and presence.

How you think affects how you show up.


Think resilience.

Think courage.

Think choice.

Think in terms of all of the things for which you can be grateful.


Now, step into the rest of this week, the rest of this month, and into the New Year.


Your mindset affects how you show up.

You can engage a Powerful Presence™ every time you deliberately begin Choosing Your Power.


Your mindset affects your presence and you’re needed right now. 

It’s time to step into clarity and show up deliberately, actively, positively™ lifting others along the way. You’ve got this.


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