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Mania and Trust

wednesdays with wayne Jul 04, 2018

Wow!  Okay, so it’s July 4th and you might expect something Independence related.  In reality, ALL OF MY WRITING IS ABOUT FREEDOM. You are here to get just a little more personal freedom.  

Two very different thoughts for you in today’s Wednesdays With Wayne:

There seems to be a misconception that High Performance equates to manic activity.  In fact, there’s really nothing that has to be manic about high performance. In my work with the highest performers (executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, parents), I show them how to build to a place of heightened and sustained vitality and productivity.  Hand-wringing and jaw-clenching are not a part of that program!

Here’s something you’re never asked to do:  Check your vibrancy level.
Whether you’re “chillaxing” today or moving forward on your next big project, what energy do you need to be bringing?  How can you bring up the energy just that bit more?

And again, I’m not talking random, fast-paced, undirected activity.  Vitality and vibrancy have to do with the willful presence you choose to bring to a given situation because you’ve been fueling and rejuvenating correctly.  Get present. Get focused.

There’s nothing that has to be manic about High Performance.  

Get present.

Track your input, set times to close your eyes,

and take time to plan your focus.

The next concept is that of trust.  It’s a leadership concept and over this past week, I’ve had a few leaders indicating that they were waiting for someone to grant them permission to lead.  

If you're expected to be a leader and you believe you are actually supposed to be seen as a leader, then stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to lead.  

Leading isn't about popularity, it's about trust.

The people you're leading need to trust you to make the decisions that are best for The Company.  The Company needs to be viable for all to gain. Those that aren’t in power need to know that you will do the right thing, keeping in mind that everything is filtered through your vision and that values-based vision usually includes the people in the organization.

Ironically, doing the right thing is not always easy or popular.

It is, however, always necessary.

And it builds trust when you communicate correctly.

Communication counts.  Let people in. Be authentic.  

Those are two quick concepts that I could have spent several pages on for each.  And I may at some point. They’re here now because they came up multiple times in recent conversations.

So think about them.  How does all of this tie to YOUR Personal Freedom?

  • Relax.
  • Stay Focused and Present.
  • Feed yourself correctly.
  • Rest well.
  • Risk well.
  • Live your values.
  • Engage with others meaningfully. (Communicate.  Let people in. Be authentic.)


Those are the rules for a great you, right?  What would you add?
Let me know by adding to the comments!

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Until next week, keep making your magic™

~ Dr P ~

(Did you know that autocorrect did not have a problem with the word chillax? Isn’t that funny?)


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