Lost In The Sauce

wednesdays with wayne Feb 06, 2019

We use the term “train wreck” to describe something that’s horrible, but we can’t seem to look away from.  In fact, we’re drawn to it and if someone – a fellow human – is described as a train wreck, it means that there’s a lot that has gone really wrong in their life (and you’re glad you’re not them, bless their heart).  

Have you ever called yourself or anyone else that?  

Ohhh myyyy gawwwdddd… what a train wreck!

Your friendly train wreck is a human who has lost his or her way.  I recently heard a more tempered version of that term: “lost in the sauce.”  

And here’s your happy truth for this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne – no one is 100% put together all the time.  Not you, not me, not Tony or Brendon or Gary, or Simon, or Oprah or your mom, or your dad.  

No one has it 100% together 100% of the time.

When you’re in that space of unmotivated and unsure, there are a couple of key concepts to keep in mind.  You’re here with me right now because you’re on a trajectory of becoming a better YOU. So I know you’re not wallowing in this lost-ness.  

Three Step Plan:

    • One:  Break!  Yes, give yourself a break from where you are, do something different, and get a new perspective.
    • Two:  Remember why you started going down this path.  Remember what mattered and what you truly value about the outcome.
    • Three:  Take Action, even a small step can get you restarted.  Get a small success behind you and you’ll be ready to get a second step of success.  Then repeat that and take another small step.

You’re not lost in the sauce… you’re marinating for something better!

Keep that going.

See you here next week.  If this was helpful, please share it!

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~ Dr P ~


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