Licking Wounds and Moving Ahead

wednesdays with wayne Jun 03, 2020

Today we talk about licking our wounds and looking ahead. The past couple of months they've been, well, I don't have to tell you what they've been. They've been amazing. Can you look at them that way? Think about it. We’ve come through some very trying times obviously, and this allowed us the redefinition of our roles, who we are in the world, who we are to each other, who we are at work, at home, and in the community, and it's given us the opportunity to decide what we actually appreciate. 

That is something special because had we continued as we were, we would have gone down the path that we were on.

Maybe, that would have been great. It was safe and predictable.  But you know what? 100% of my one-to-one high performers, my DynamicLeader® clients all report that they are really glad this happened. Isn’t this a great quote: “I am finding out that I want to be doing something different with my life.” 

The big pause that we all took caused hard financial hits. We all lived in fear.  Still, we live through uncertainty.  Even through all of this, it gave us a chance to redefine what we actually value and that… is… huge!

It's really important that we look at what we valued, what we currently value, and most important, what we value moving forward. What we valued prior to this, just a few months ago, was stability. What has become clear, even more clear with ALL that’s going on in the world, is that what we value is personal freedom. It's about feeling of needing to be more in control of your life. All of that comes together right now. 


How are you going to build that?

That is the big question.

How are you going to build the life that you now value?


Look at the various segments of your life and do a quick inventory. How are you doing with your relationships? How are you doing with your finances? How are you doing with your career path? How are you doing in relation to Spirit? How are you doing in terms of building legacy and giving back and how are you doing in terms of your creativity, the hobby, the thing you'd set aside for “someday?” 

Step up as a DynamicLeader®, as I high performer, as someone with powerful presence™.

 Step up and step in and focus on your relationships with yourself, your family, your coworkers and team, your money, your spirit, all of that. 

Focus with intention. The world needs you to do that so much more right now. 

Here’s THE question:  What is the biggest step or the best step you can, you can do right now? What is the one single step that you can do right now that will make the biggest difference for you moving forward? 

Give that some thought and then stop thinking and take action.

~ Dr P ~

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