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Leadership, Powerful Presence™, and Profit

wednesdays with wayne Jun 10, 2020

It’s time to refocus.  Yes, ALL of the issues going on globally are exceptionally important to me.  And I’m certain they’ve affected you.  And you need to be at your best to tackle them while rebuilding.  So, today’s Wednesdays With Wayne focuses on leadership, powerful presence™, and profit.   

What does that mean to you? When you think about leadership, do you think Powerful Presence™?  When you think Powerful Presence™, do you link that to your profitability?


Quick inventory – rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on these:

  • I know how to lead
  • I’m clear about the difference between leadership and management and when each is needed, whether I’m at work, at home, or in the community.  (Yes, this is a multi-part question, yet give yourself one ranking.)  
  • I own my space wherever I go and feel great about my presence.  It is, in fact, a Powerful Presence™.


For some people having a Powerful Presence™ means showing up in a position of authority and snapping their fingers. That’s not how to exert authority though and I’m pretty sure that's not who you are. 


Oddly enough, there are some leaders I’ve worked with, quite a few actually, who live in a space of asking permission.  They feel like they need to give themselves permission or seek permission to show up.  As a leader, owning your space is about landing fully in your confidence.  


Your Powerful Presence™ is about how you show up. And it doesn't have to be some authoritarian snapping of fingers and snarling kind of thing. Your powerful presence can be very light. In fact, think about someone with great humor who had great presence. From Robin Williams to Kevin Hart, there are all kinds of people that had or have huge presence.

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson has huge presence and is very likable, right? Mother Teresa was a tiny woman with huge presence.  She was also very likable, right? And I never thought I’d put Dwayne Johnson in the same sentence with Mother Theresa, but there ya go!  Who would they be if they asked for permission or bullied their way to becoming an authority?  


So think about what presence you emit.  Who are you and how are you as you show up in the world?  The secret to this is to give yourself permission to be more you. 

There are five key steps to Powerful Presence.  For the sake of brevity, here are the very basics:

  • Choose Your Power!  You choose how to show up.  YOU… CHOOSE!!!  Every waking moment of every day.  
  • Communicate in a way that people hear and acknowledge you.  That’s a skill.  I do leadership consulting with individuals and groups of leaders.  Sometimes they just miss in their communication because they believe that they’re understood.  This is where a profit gap lies.  Danger… danger!!!
  • Look at your Values Journey as if it’s a road map.  Where have you been, where are you, and where are you headed?  Most people miss that last part as a deliberate action step and again, that’s where potential profit evaporates.
  • Get Fully Present!  When you’re with others, are you truly engaged?  You know something funny? A Japanese leader was just called out for watching a snake vs. alligator video during a serious decision making session.  In America, we like cat videos.  And that’s not engaging with the people who need you present.  
  • Discernment is critical – A lot of things are important. The big question is what is important right now?  This is what my One Sharp Sword podcast is based on.  It’s all about cutting through to what matters most!


Leadership, Powerful Presence™, and Profit – Where’s the profit?  

You already know this: When you are known, liked, and trusted, your profit climbs.  You engage at a relational vs. transactional level.  And this holds true whether you're an individual leading a team, leading yourself as an entrepreneur, or leading a division of your business.

You need your team members to follow you. You need your company to follow you. Doing that is how you engage people who become your customers to follow you. It starts with your leadership. It starts with the way you communicate as a leader, how you show up, how engaged you are. It continues with your Powerful Presence™. 


If this resonates with you, I’d encourage you to join me for a deeper dive.  

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~ Dr P ~


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