It Really IS Simple!

wednesdays with wayne Jan 02, 2019

As a leader, you’ve got goals for your company, division, unit, department, family, and self.  

You have a pretty good idea about what you want to accomplish this year.
You know what you have to do.

It’s Simple.  

To avoid failure just after this first quarter (yep, the hiccups that happen in March), you MUST recognize this one concept NOW:  

Simple isn’t always Easy.

People slip, fall off of goals, or miss targets because they lose focus.  

That’s other people.


You know that it might take some effort to refocus, recast, and reset.

That’s simple, and again, it’s not always easy.  Your job is to get feedback so that you can keep on track.  Hey! Your weekly dose of Wednesdays With Wayne is here to keep you on track and to remind you who you are.  


You’ve worked really hard to get here.  We’ve barely stepped into 2019. Look at all you’ve done previously.  Think about your journey so far. That journey you took… your trajectory was not even close to being a straight line.  Really, it’s a wonder you’re here. And yet, you’ve accomplished a lot.


Should you care to track or even just acknowledge where you’ve been, certainly you’d come up with a pretty great list.  

And, you’re not done yet.  


Struggles?  Sure! Family stuff?  Of course. Financial challenges?  Yes.


You’ve got A LOT behind you.

And now, with a new calendar on the wall, you look ahead to what lays ahead.  This is an active process. I’m a big fan of curiosity and wonder. That’s not passive.  A lot of people will say, “I wonder what this year will hold.” That’s a lot of other people.  That’s not you.


Stand on the edge of this calendar we call 2019.  

Be deliberate about what you want to accomplish for your company, your family, yourself.  


Sure, make your Wish List.

Yes, make your resolutions.

And now, really NOW, break out that calendar and put down the steps you’ll take to achieve those goals.  

Play piano by thanksgiving?  That’s weekly practice, right?

Grow your business?  That’s daily/weekly/monthly investment of time to direct the efforts and attention of the key players.  YOU FIRST.

What else?  Put it on your calendar.  YOU FIRST.


Get it?  You can’t serve others more greatly if you’re not investing in your own growth and development.  You can’t hit goals if you don’t have incremental steps to get there.


You and your calendar need some time together!


Last week as we approached the end of the year, I prompted you to name your year.


Give yourself a personal prompt by naming your year.

THEN set your targets.

Every week, reflect and refresh.  As with a plane or rocket in flight, take in feedback, determine how off course you’ve gotten, and reset.


Want to know about investing in yourself?  I have just two slots open for High Performance Leadership Coaching in my DynamicLeader® program.  It’s not for everyone and if you’re interested, just PM me.

This is YOUR time!  You’ve got this!

Keep Making Your Magic™!

Happy New Year!  

~ Dr P ~


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