It’ll All Work Out

wednesdays with wayne Sep 05, 2018

What if it all works out okay?
No one ever worries about that, right?  

Don’t you usually get your undies in a bundle thinking about all of the things that could go wrong?  Being prepared is good. Obsessing over something that’s not likely to happen could have negative effects on your work performance, your “at home” performance, and ultimately, your health.

Here you are in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne where the question is: what would happen if you recognized what got you to THIS place, right here, right now?  You are the oldest you’ve ever been. Something got you here - you have very specific strengths that are unique to you.  

You are reading this.
That means your brain’s frontal lobes are working, allowing you to plan your way to be here.  

And what that means is that you have a unique capability to figure things out.

And then what that means is that instead of worry (which is a horrible waste of imagination), you might invest in yourself by honoring your capacity for having figured things out to this point.

Do you believe in you?
(The answer is, “Well, yes.  Yes, I do!”)

While it is true that what got you here won’t get you there, what is also true is that what got you here was a skillset to use to springboard to there.  

Do you have the next five minutes figured out?
The next ten minutes?

Do you have the next single step on that project figured out?

So what if it all does work out okay?

Then you get to celebrate!  You did it.
You made your magic, you believed in your ability to find your way through, and you created the conditions for it to all work out okay.  And if there was a spiritual connection along the way, that’s awesome, too!

Again, so many people focus on the ways that things could go wrong.  They live their lives trapped in misery.

But you know better.
You live your life believing in yourself because you got yourself here and the next step is to take the next step to “there.”

You know what, it really IS going to work out okay!

Keep making your magic™!

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~

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