I’m not back…

wednesdays with wayne Apr 07, 2021

Well, I’m back to feeling like my old self. 

I used to strive for that.

I felt “off” and would want to feel “normal” again. I’d eat better, drink more water, and attend to my sleep. 


I recently realized that I was headed in the wrong direction to want to be back to some former self.

I’m getting used to feeling different, like I’m being pulled toward something bigger.

The whole journey of “finding my purpose” is both scary and exciting.


Now I KNOW there’s no way that I’d want to be “back to my old self.”


You know what a toddler looks like running down hill? They’re excited and petrified at the same time. 





Legs moving fast, arms up and flailing, a wild grin growing wider…


That’s me. I’m off balance in moving forward and I wouldn’t change that. THAT is my new normal. It’s just over the edge, the literal and figurative tipping point, just past safety.


When was the last time you felt like you stepped into something so big that it had you? In a good way – the thing you took on was bigger than you were. For parents, that’s the first time you had a child. For entrepreneurs, it’s the first time you had “that talk” with yourself where you reminded that person in the mirror, “you said you wanted this.”


It’s scary and wildly exciting.


That’s when you know big things are coming. When you cross out of the safety of your day to day and you step into the knowledge that no matter what comes your way, you’ll find a way.


The toddler’s eyes grow wide and the smile grows wider. The recognition that running downhill can be fun obliterates the terror that comes with the idea that falling might not be so fun. Falling and getting scaped up might happen, but it doesn’t stop the next run from happening.


When was the last time you pushed yourself to take on the Big Dream you had been putting off? It’s not too late. Your life… your big adventure awaits.


Getting back to your old self will mean you’ve started your decline. 

There’s more to you and what you have yet to experience. Step forward into your “toddler running downhill” self! Now you’re living!


~ Dr P ~

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