i trust myself

wednesdays with wayne Sep 11, 2019

I trust myself.  


This simple sentence lets you get over the fear of the unknown.

This lets you get beyond stage fright or even not being “perfect” at whatever it is you think you might be judged on.


Trust is about honoring another person.  And, oddly enough, trust is NOT about other people.  It’s about you. Trust is knowing that you have the ability to respond congruently, in alignment, with your truest self and that you’ll get through.  


Trust is about knowing that you will respond to any situation in alignment with your best self.


That means that when you feel judged, you can remind yourself, “I trust myself to continue in alignment.”  When you wonder whether you’re “good enough,” you can remind yourself of that very thing, as well. When you wonder whether you can get through a particularly difficult time, remind yourself that you will continue in alignment with you.  

You know why that is so important?  As you read this and other Wednesdays With Wayne posts, you’ll see that my goal is to bring you back if you get lost.  It’s also to nudge you if you get too comfortable. And, what’s true, is that people lose track of aligning with their true values.  

Every time you experience envy or desire for something because someone else has it and you don’t, that’s a misalignment of values.  Every time you get sucked into political clickbait, you got taken in and taken over. Come back to center.

Yes, certain things are worth fighting for and fighting about.  And, really, there aren’t that many of them are there?  Come back to center.

Find your alignment with values.

Trust yourself again.

Keep making your magic.

~ Dr P ~


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