I Could Hug You For That

wednesdays with wayne Aug 01, 2018

“I could hug you for that” I exclaimed as my client noted that her latest struggle was based in making a decision that was actually right in front of her.  She thought she’d have to look further. She noted, “I struggled because it was too easy.”

Oh my gosh!  The irony, right???  

How often do you make things harder than they need to be?  Dang! Navigating through life is hard enough. Why make it harder than it is?  

Welcome to this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne where I get to remind you that sometimes you actually already have what you need.  Sometimes you have enough.
Always, you ARE enough!!!

What are you struggling with?  You know, you have worked to hard and come too far just to get this far.  You’re still growing unless you’ve decided not to.

Your challenge today:  What’s right in front of you that you thought you’d have to work harder to find or have?  (Note that the reason it’s right in front of you is that you’ve already put in the miles and made the decisions that got you here!)

Yes, there’s always “next” and there’s always more.  My message here is not that you should stop.  Quite the contrary; keep going. Just pick up that thing/idea/plan that’s right in front of you along the way.

Feeling stuck is part of the process sometimes.  That’s why, when my client told me that she “struggled” because the answer was too easy,  I just smiled so big and wanted to reach through the phone and give her a big hug.

And you too!  My first book, Choosing Your Power, was supposed to be called “A Worthy Struggle because life is full of struggles and getting through them is what creates so much value in our lives.  You don’t need to create struggle for yourself, nor do you need to seek it out. And sometimes people do seek struggle because the work they’ve put in already has paid off and it’s no longer a struggle.

It’s allowed to be easy sometimes.

And, you’re allowed to feel fulfilled.  And this is almost a separate topic as what I’ve found is that most people with some success behind them actually don’t feel fully fulfilled.  That’s because they’re at a place that I call Stuck At The Top.

If that’s you, I’d like to invite you to join me in a space-limited retreat on September 14th and 15th.  We’ll work on YOU, your life, your struggles, and your new plan.  This is a break-through program for you. Check it out here: www.StuckAtTheTop.com

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Break through to your next level.
Put the struggle aside and take some time to look inside.

Keep making your magic™ and I’ll see you here next week.  (I also look forward to seeing your name pop up on my registration sheet for the exclusive StuckAtTheTop retreat!  Then you’ll hear me say, “I could hug you for that!”)

~ Dr P ~


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