Hurry up and stop that…!

wednesdays with wayne Aug 09, 2017

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Go, go, go, go…. GO!  

Do you ever have the feeling that no matter how busy you are, there’s always so much more to do?  Maybe your blood pressure rises just a bit when you hit yet another red light (literally or figuratively) in your day.

How do you make the set-backs matter rather than feel run over by them?

Seriously, how can you get over YOURSELF long enough to realize that all of those setbacks aren’t being done TO you?   Because it’s THAT that causes the bump in blood pressure and the gritting of teeth.  The band headaches you have at the end of the day come from the stacking of teeth-gritting moments in the day.

So how do you stop that?  Welcome to your Wednesdays With Wayne where you’re reminded to live into your Best Self with tips every week.  

Last week I offered you an example of how patience played out into something delightful and offered four steps in that process.  This week, you get a slightly different perspective.  

What if there was something vital we were missing as we rushed through the day?  Have you seen those Around The World TV shows and movies where there’s some kind of chase and in the haste to move on, one vital clue was missed?  That vital piece was right there… and off they went, incomplete….

In Choosing Your Power I brought up the notion of finding your missing peace.  I got flack for spelling that wrong.  The thing is, I didn’t spell it wrong.  Your world feels upside-down because something is missing.  A missing piece to lead to your missing peace.  

Back to you.


What if you paused in that moment of raised blood pressure, squinting eyes, and gritted teeth?  What if you asked a simple question:  What am I missing?  

Or, perhaps better still, asking, What can I learn (remind myself about) in this moment?


Ahhhhh…. Patience.  

It’s patience that offers us the moment of curiosity-borne  reflection.  

Maybe by missing that green light and being stuck at the red, you got the chance to look around and see something you hadn’t seen?  What if, by being stuck in traffic, you recognized that you were “that car” to someone else?  Would you be a little more aggressive?  Or, might you become that bit more full of grace?

What if, instead of slamming through your meal, you slowed down enough to notice the nuance of colors, flavors, texture, and temperature?  What could you learn?  Is it possible that you might actually enjoy where you are and the person you’re with (even if that’s only you)?

We rush through our days to get through our days.  There’s a lot of experience we could take in, acknowledge, learn from, engage in (with others), and grow from.

Reframe the rush and let the feeling of “grrrrrrrrr” become a trigger for a self-reflective question (that goes for people as well as situations):  What am I missing about this situation (or person) that I want to judge it this way?  

The moment just is.  

Sure, stay fast-paced, directed, and focused.  Yes, keep on your DynamicLeader® program of High Performance.  And at the same time, don’t let any of that stop you from being truly present in this moment.  Take a breath, look around.  Now dive back in.

And when “those” thoughts creep back in, just remind yourself to “hurry up and stop that!”

Until next time, keep making your magic™!  

~ Dr P ~

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