Having It All

wednesdays with wayne Apr 10, 2024

What would it mean to have everything you wanted? 

Think about that for a second. Most people wish for things but never let themselves truly desire. “Oh, it’d be nice to have a ____.” Fill in the blank. A what? Or a who? Or a where?

What would happen if we leaned into the desires we had? 

And what holds us back from doing so?

Those are two very big questions.

Let’s start with what holds us back. 

What holds us back from pursuing or even entertaining our true desires? It’s simple, early training, guilt, and shame. We’re taught to “be realistic,” and we’re told that we “don’t really need that,” whatever that is. We’re told not to be greedy. And we’re told to save because spending on frivolous things is, well, frivolous. 

And whatever your desire is, it might be frivolous to someone else. And it’s YOUR desire. Like the clothes in your closet are YOUR clothes, someone else didn’t tell you how to dress today. (And if they did, you might have some more work to do.) 


Like a weightlifter, you put down the weight once you’ve pulled it up. You’ve dragged your old training this far into adulthood and it’s simply time to put it down. Put it down and create your own rules related to your own wishes, wants, and desires.


What would happen if you actually leaned into what you desired? 

This is how manifesting works. You get clear. You see opportunities (a KEY step in this process). And then you step into those opportunities. 


You change because the life you want demands it.


Get clear about what you desire. Get really clear. Envision it. Hold that thought. And stay open to opportunities that are now visible to you, like changing the channel on a radio or TV. A different frequency means you get different opportunities.


Practice. Stay open. Let me know what you manifest!


Keep making your magic. See you here next week!

= Wayne =

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