Having Enough, Being Enough

wednesdays with wayne Dec 02, 2020

Hey! There’s a New Year creeping up on us. As much as we’re tempted to just get 2020 behind us, isn’t it amazing at how fast this year really has flown by? It was eight months or so ago when the news was all abuzz about some “Novel Virus.” Not so new to us now, eh?


What we’ve learned is that there’s a lot more to our lives than getting up, going to work, and coming home. Few of us are now “working for the weekend” at all, especially as the days have all run together.  We’re tired of being on video calls while, at the same time, we’re grateful that video calls have brought us together.


And somewhere in the past year we began to reflect on what we valued. We faced challenges we didn’t know we’d face. We were knocked down and we stood back up. We endured losses that were unthinkable last year at this time. And somehow, here we are trying to be normal.


Since “a new normal” doesn’t exist, we define who we are and what we want.


And that’s the focus of today’s Wednesdays With Wayne as we look at Having Enough and Being Enough. 


I used to panic when I’d shop at this time of year. I’d worry that what I’d bought wasn’t right, good enough, or worth enough. It took me a long time to realize that those thoughts were a horrible reflection of how I thought of myself. 


And in working with others, I found out that I wasn’t alone. There are a lot of high functioning people around us who wonder if they have enough or if they’re good enough.


The short answer is this: You ARE enough.

The slightly longer answer is: You have all you need and you are enough.


We’re inundated with sale ads. I’ve unsubscribed from over a dozen retailers who all want me to buy their version of the latest computer, shirt, or food item. 


While I’ve cleared my future inbox now, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped shopping for things that’ll make my life easier or that will help to grow me. Far from it. I invest heavily in my personal and professional growth and development, knowing that as I grow, I lift those around me.


I don’t need the latest gadget to feel like I fit in. So I have enough.

I don’t need to do, have, or be different for anyone else to be liked or appreciated. That is, I AM enough. And the same goes for you.


We look to please others this time of year. This is a message of permission. Give because you’re moved to do so, not because you’re guilty if you don’t. 


And it’s a message of inspiration to grow further. We were all forced to draw upon our resilience this year.  That shows that there’s more in you. 


You are enough now. As you look ahead, who do you want to become? Not for anyone else, but in your space in the world. What kind of person do you wish to grow into?


Two points that might have gotten lost in here somewhere:

  1. Giving to others allows you to feel good about the other person and yourself when your gift comes from your heart and is not based on some obligation.
  2. YOU ARE ENOUGH right now. You don’t need permission to be. Just be. That said, don’t stagnate. Look ahead to who you want to be at this time next year and plant the seeds to become that person. YOU own your path and you don’t need permission to invest in yourself or commit to your path of growth.


Got it?

  • Give.
  • Grow.


See you here next week!


~ Dr P ~


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