GREAT! What’s On Fire Now??!!

wednesdays with wayne Oct 06, 2021

We’ve stepped into the final quarter of the year and we’re at a place of wrap-up or catch-up or perhaps simple overwhelm. It’s time to retake control of your calendar, your projects, your finances, and your life! 


We all have competing priorities. Sometimes, though, we end up putting the real priorities aside to deal with the crisis of the moment. When you’re in a spin, attending to what has just grabbed your attention moment by moment, day by day, you need to step back. 


You need a shift in your perspective, what I call the Magic of Parallax Perspective. 


From my last five blog posts, you might have gotten that M-A-G-I-C is a framework I use for leadership and personal development. 

M = Mindset

A = Accountability

G = Gratitude

I = Inspiration

C = Clarity


For more on each of those, listen into my podcast One Sharp Sword and/or go back to my blogs to read through them. 


The parallax perspective is a simple shift in the way you look at things.


Try this – 

Look at your calendar.

Go ahead, open your calendar and take a peek at today, tomorrow, and the next day. Just look.

Then come back here.


Here’s your challenge – if your calendar were someone else’s, if you were to pop into someone else’s life and see that calendar, what would you suggest they change? What breaks might you put in? What suggestions about emphasis on certain things might you point out? And what else might just be missing from what’s there?


Now, because it’s your calendar AND you also know that there’s more “stuff” that will pop up for you, you’ve got to build into your calendar “emergency time” or “extra stuff time” or something like that. Otherwise, you know what? You’ll fill your day and you won’t have time for the stuff that pops up. And then, you have competing priorities, stress, overwhelm, and burnout.


This last quarter of the year needs you to finish strong. Be deliberate about your direction. And if you need help, consider my Powerful Presence online group program. We’re starting again and it’s just an hour a week for the next six weeks. Check it out at

There are a lot of resources for you.


If you can’t afford an hour a week to work on you, there might be a problem with your calendar.  😉 (It’s a bigger clue that this is for you!)


Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 


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